XXXHOLiC gets stage reading drama adaptation

In a collaboration between CLAMP and SOUND THEATRE, XXXHOLiC will be getting a stage reading drama with CLAMP’s script, the XXXHOLiC anime original cast, SOUND THEATRE music director and a live band.

Original work / Script:CLAMP
Music Director:Yusaku Tsuchiya

January 28, 2017
January 29, 2017


Yuuko Ichihara: Sayaka Ohara
Kimihiro Watanuki: Jun Fukuyama
Shizuka Doumeki: Kazuya Nakai
Mokona: Mika Kikuchi

Official Website:


For those not able to attend, we can only hope that we’ll get some sort of DVD/Blu-Ray release for this.


10 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC gets stage reading drama adaptation

  1. Whoa, this looks so cool! Is it something like they did for Clamp Festival? With the voice actors reading the script and acting a little bit on stage, but this time with a live band playing the “soundtrack”? Despite the postponements I’m glad to see that Holic is not “forgotten” but actually having new related events!


    • Yes, that’s exactly what I think it will be. But this should have a fancier treatment 😉

      If you think about it, XXXHOLiC is probably the most versatile CLAMP work. It has:

      TV Anime
      Audio Dramas
      Live Action Drama
      Stage Play

      (I could be forgetting something…)


      • I’m loving the idea of it being a stage play!! Just imagine those gorgeous yuuko costumes. Unless its just a sit and read with a bit of acting… But still!!! Either way, the characters and story are perfect for a stage play. Especially watanuki, yuuko, and the silent moody contrast of doumeki. Oh I wana see it!!! Anyway, I love all things holic. That live action was just beautifully made.
        On another note, wasn’t there fashion based on yuuko, was it underwear? Or was it shoes?


        • I think they shall be in costumes, at least I think we can expect that.

          On another note, wasn’t there fashion based on yuuko, was it underwear? Or was it shoes?

          Yes, it was a collaboration and it there were lingerie, shoes and hair accessories, I think?


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