“Tsubasa” Special Chapter to be published in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Updated)

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

To celebrate the release of volume 3 of Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE –, there will be a special chapter of Tsubasa in the upcoming double issue 37 & 38 of Weekly Shonen Magazine, out on August 10.

In a similar fashion, a special chapter was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine to promote the release of volume 1. That special chapter would be later adapted into the PLAYBUTTON audio drama that comes with the limited edition of volume 3.

Source: Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Image credits: clampPROJECT.

Update: According to CLAMP-NET.COM, the special chapter will be entitled Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Kinugawa Onsen Hen, which means it will be based on a recent trip CLAMP did to Kinugawa Onsen. This contradicts what they said on their radio show when asked if the Tsubasa gang would be landing in a Kinugawa Onsen-like world and they replied that the trip was not for Tsubasa, but for a different work. Unless that question gave them an extra idea?

On another note, according to AnimeNewsNetwork, the magazine where Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – ran in, Shonen Magazine SPECIAL, is ceasing publication in January 2017. This means that whenever Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – returns, it will most likely run in a different magazine. Kodansha has another monthly shonen magazine, Monthly Shonen Magazine, where it could be serialized in.


30 thoughts on ““Tsubasa” Special Chapter to be published in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Updated)

  1. An unexpected new chapter of Tsubasa! 😀

    So happy! I hope to see a summer themed oneshot, this is something we’ve never seen yet in the series! XD

    Thanks for sharing!


    • aaaahhhh….

      The problem I’ve encountered with the previous oneshot happened again: amazon japan only sells it as an ebook, not as a physical book, and this is limited to Japan…I know that I can pass it with a vpn, but I’m not sure what would be consequences if I ‘cheated’ about my location to get material which should be limited to Japan only ;_;
      Have you ever heard of something like this? Are there fans which bought ebooks from amazon japan using a vpn without a problem?


    • First thought I had was that it would be something related to spring waters but CLAMP said that trip was not for Tsubasa but for another work… (Still waiting for that)


      • I assumed the spring waters spring would be for Gate7, it sounded like something that could be seen in that series.
        But maybe it was for CCS after all? Unless it’s for xxxholic when it comes back this fall?


  2. Are you trying to buy Shonen Magazine? Not really, I haven’t heard anything from people who tried to buy it via vpn. Maybe you should try?


    • I checked pages on google about the subject, and from the look of it, just a vpn is not enough: you need an actual japanese address too…


        • If the kindle version of japanese magazines could be bought worldwide, it would be AWESOME: can you imagine? No shipping cost, you receive it instantaneously, and all the digital pages are already perfectly clean and neat on your screen!
          Well, all in all, it probably comes down to copyright and digital laws…but still very frustrating! >.<


          • I tried to buy the Nakayoshi digital version, last month, because that magazine is so damn thick and I’ll run out of space immediately…I googled the ways to do that outside of Japan but people generally suggested not to do it…I’ve also seen the VPN and Japanese temporary address method but I don’t want to get in trouble so I gave up…
            WHY OH WHY can’t they just let it go and make it available to other countries too?? After all the version that you see around must come from the digital store…it’s too clean to be a scan…so? What’s the point, I wonder?


            • Definitely!
              It would make the life easier to so many fan worldwide if they could purchase the digital versions of their magazines!

              And as you said, there is no question at all that the super clean and super fast scans we see are very likely purchased online: as a scanner and editor myself, I can tell you that making these pages printed on bad quality paper look that good is HARD! Nor impossible, but there would be a big work behind it…

              As for space…
              What I personally do with my manga magazine: it’s a method usually used by scanlators (and I scanned tons of things in my days…): I put the magazine in the microwave (together with one glass of water, the magazine CANNOT be put alone in the microwave) in order to heat the glue that keep the pages together a little bit, it makes it easier to take the pages off without damaging them. The glue harden again very fast, so I might have to put it again in the microwave.
              Then I store the pages I’m interested in a clear plastic sleeve for comics, and put the rest of the magazine I’m not interested in to be recycled with Papers.
              Oh, and when I am interested in the magazine’s cover, I take it off too ^_^

              I know it might sound quite shocking at first, the whole “rip the pages you need and throw away the rest“, but after purchasing many of those super low quality magazines with bad printing and inking, and realizing that, no, you are never going to read/scan the other series in that magazines, ever, you won’t feel much doing it soon enough…


              More in details in case you seriously consider doing it:

              The way to do it is very simple:

              -put the magazine/manga together with a glass of water inside the microwave

              -start at low power/time: begin with 20s at 450 for example, take the magazine out and check if the pages can be taken off easily, if you see there is still resistance, add seconds/power until you are satisfied = when you can effortlessly detach the sheets.

              -store the pages cleanly somewhere: as said, I use comics sleeves, very easy to find/purchase and cheap too > 10 years ago, I bought one pack of 100 comics bags with adhesive flap closure, that can store comics up to 19.7cm x 26.7cm (7 3/4″ x 10 1/2″) and all my magazine pages perfectly enter inside. It cost me 5.50 eur at the time, and to this day, one decade later, I have more than half left! (I also used them to store my CCS doujinshis, which are all cleanly archival safe in their clear sleeves ^_^)

              -all in all, it takes only a few minutes between microwaving and taking the pages off, it really all happens quite fast, especially if it’s only one chapter of 30-40pages you are interested in > taking off 20 sheets is really nothing.

              Don’t forget the glass of water, it must always be inside the microwave together with the magazine/manga.


              • OMG YOU ARE A GENIUS!
                I had already come to the conclusion that I needed to rip the pages I was interested in and discard the rest (which honestly I’m not interested in), but I’ve never thought of softening the glue with the microwave….thank you sooooo much for your instructions, I’ll make sure to do it properly!! (Still, it hurts to think about throwing almost 16 eur of magazine…that is how much I’m paying it – btw are you European too? I’m from Italy :D)


                • I’m glad I was able to help you ^_^
                  I live in Spain and I spend exactly the same amount of money as you do for the magazine from amazon japan.
                  For the time being, I didn’t do anything to my Nakayoshi mags (I only have 2 right now after all…), but if I keep purchasing them, it will very soon come to the point in which I will have to discard them…


              • It looks very neat indeed! *claps*
                What material are your plastic sleeves? Polypropylene? My manga sleeves are all of polypropylene and I heard you need to change them after 3-5 years otherwise they desintegrate?

                BTW, I just updated the post. The extra chapter will be about Kinugawa Onsen indeed and Shonen Magazine SPECIAL is getting canceled.


                • Thank you for the update!

                  Well, Onsen it is! I am also surprised: maybe they had other plans at the time but then they changed them? Or that trip could serve them to do many things: hey! they were asked to make a special chapter of TWC and had all that material about hot springs lying around…

                  The sleeves I have are the Ultra Pro Comic Series Resealable Golden Size Comic Bags (size comics up to 7-3/4″ x 10-1/2″ in dimension), they are acid free, no PVC, and are made of Ultra Clear Polypropylene Material.
                  I bought them 10 years ago and they are in perfect state, like new, no change at all from the day I purchased them! (even the resealable flap closure is good!)
                  At first, I bought them to put the CCS doujinshis by Patisserie Circle (suzuco sahara) I was obsessively (haha) collecting at the time, and afterwards I used them to put my chapters like you saw above ^^


                • oh, something else important: OMG! SO shocked about the shonen mag special being cancelled @_@
                  I guess there are things we don’t know about going on with it, to the point of stopping it’s serialization all together D:


                  • I never understood the point of having 2 monthly magazines that seemed very similar… and it seems that SPECIAL was a very low-circulation magazine, so I’m not surprised.


    • Itl be great to have this extra chapter! My first thought was that it would be the spring water theme- even though clamp said not. But that would make an awesome arc! Id love to see a summer theme arc with those 3 lovely men!! I also thought of gate7 when that was mentioned. I thought gate 7 would start up again after nirai kanai ended. I wonder if clamp are going to do a new arc of twc to tie in with holic in the fall? I’d also love to see more gate 7. I miss it.


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