XXXHOLiC Rei reaches climax on May 30 (Updated)

According to AnimeNewsNetwork:

This year’s 25th issue of Kodansha‘s Weekly Young Magazine announced on Monday that CLAMP‘s xxxHOLiC: Rei manga will reach its “climax” in next week’s issue on May 30. (Note: In Japanese, the word “climax” written in the phonetic katakana alphabet often refers to the final chapter of a manga.)

This means that the next chapter is last one. Update: Chapter 51 is out and it’s not the last one.

Considering CLAMP’s history of bringing back XXXHOLiC, this might not be the last we’ve seen of it, but it’ll be going off for a while at least.

On another news, the release date of Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – #3 has been pushed back to August 17th.


17 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rei reaches climax on May 30 (Updated)

  1. Seeing the events so far, there is really no way in hell this is the “end” of xxxholic: there are still many things we don’t know after all.
    Nonetheless, it is sudden: to begin with, the serialization of xxxholic is irregular and the chapters very often released far in between, and only a few pages at a time. I personally thought they would still have it running “in the background” and just like they did these past few years, keep on releasing chapters “when need be”.
    But it seems like they are closing up the arc together with TWC’s after all.

    They will be putting all their efforts and attention on the new sequel of Card Captor Sakura, this is the only manga they will be working on, until they restart some other of their series I suppose…
    Since CCS is the only work they will have on-going, I really hope they will do it seriously and give us monthly chapters that are at least 30-40 pages long!


    • Yeah, it is likely going to be back once TWC is back.

      Since CCS is the only work they will have on-going, I really hope they will do it seriously and give us monthly chapters that are at least 30-40 pages long!

      That would be the best case scenario. CLAMP are off to Ishigaki Island (in case you haven’t seen it: so they first chapter of the CCS revival is already in Kodansha’s hands =)


  2. I hope they won’t bring holic or tsubasa back in nearest 2 years , and give us long break from that pointless continuations. Although holic and tsuba are going on break I’m sure we will sea Watanuki in CCS.

    Since Nekoi become jobless now maybe they re-run Drug&Drop. It would be awesome.


  3. This is Anonymous — guess I’ll start using my main handle now.

    It’s disappointing that Rei is ending right when we were finally picking up steam with the Zashiki-warashi plot, but I guess if CLAMP needed to put the series on ice for a while, this was as good a time as any to do it. I’m sure Tsubasa is going to continue as “Tsubasa World Chronicle” when it eventually starts up again, but I wonder if xxxHOLiC is going to get a new subtitle? Will the “Rei” apply anymore?

    I’ll echo Cutesherry and add that I hope we get longer chapters for CCS. A color illustration each month would be great, too — didn’t CLAMP do that back when they were publishing the original series?


    • Yeah, I thought that too. It seemed like it was finally getting started with it’s own plot away from twc. I really thought it was going to lead onto another arc, especially with watanuki becoming more focused on his decisions. But it also finishes nicely with twc. So the two stories will be more in sync maybe? I was slightly hoping for the chapters to be released in the background, but I’m sure itl come back when twc does. And I wonder if he’ll appear in ccs. Perhaps ccs will lead onto new arc of twc and xxx.
      Anyways, I am super excited about ccs sequel!!! I’d love to see drug, or X pick up. I wonder if clamp will link watanuki to all the manga’s. :s


  4. I’m sure Watanuki and/or TRC!Shaoran is the “mysterious figure” mentioned in the teaser for the CCS sequel (only they’ll drag out the reveal forever and a day). The endless runaround of Holic-TRC-Drug/Drop will now bleed into CCS. I bet that’s why they changed the CCS sequel from oneshot to series, they realized they could just work the Holic/TRC story in there. After all the shoujo magazine schedule is less demanding than the shounen magazine world.


    • Or trc Sakura as the mystery figure? With ccs and mama Sakura meeting in dreams maybe? With Sakura handing over her wand. Maybe she meets watanuki too?
      I would absolutely love to see yuuko and ccs Sakura together. Or Sakura and clow reed. I wonder if she manipulated events with trc and xxx along with yuuko after handing over her wand…


      • Do we know for sure she sees a “figure” in her dream? I thought the teaser only mentioned a “mysterious dream”, but there wasn’t anything about a figure…


    • Or mama Sakura as the mystery figure? Maybe we’ll see how ccs Sakura met her in that dream when she handed over the wand. I’d love to see ccs sakura and yuuko meet! Watanuki too. I think those two would get along well. I wonder if ccs Sakura manipulated events along with clow reed and yuuko in trc and holic after handing over her wand…


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