BREAKING: “Card Captor Sakura” new anime project in the works

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

Apart from carrying the first chapter of the new Card Captor Sakura serialization, the upcoming issue of Nakayoshi magazine is also announcing that a “new anime project” is in the works!

You can check beside a preview of the double splash page for Chapter 1, to be released on June 3rd.

More info as they come!

Special thanks to clstmk for the heads up!


28 thoughts on “BREAKING: “Card Captor Sakura” new anime project in the works

  1. I am SO SO SO happy about this!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Of course, I don't expect it to be aired until 2017 -best case scenario- (after all, they need material to rely on to make an anime, and for the time being, chapter 01 hasn't even been released…), nonetheless, it means new episodes, seeing my favorite characters animated again, tons of new anime illustrations in magazines, artbooks, new songs/soundtracks, possible OVA/movies, tons of goods (ugh, wait, no, that one is scary, damn, more money to spend…).

    Such a great news, but not an unexpected one though, I always thought it was a strong possibility since they announced the whole "new CCS project", and even more after they decided to make a new manga!~

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        • I remember that she wasn’t holding her staff already on the last chapter of the 90’s manga: CLAMP had explained that Sakura had already grown up, and could fly toward the future on her own without a staff, if I remember correctly?


            • I am actually really curious to see how she uses her powers without a staff now, this is actually quite exciting ^_^ We will also have to wait and see if she created new cards, or are there no more cards now and she can call them out in another way?
              And if CLAMP uses the whole “there are different worlds/dimensions” concept in CCS: can we expect a “enemy” from another world? So many possibilities!

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                • I have personally never seen it before, I think it’s safe to say this is indeed a new illustration: this is not an artwork from the 90’s, not a crossover work released along the years, it’s not one of the pictures of the 2013 mobile game, not the 2015 edition of the manga, same for the 4 Ichiban Kuji and Animate Kuji, also not for the AnimatexCCS Cafe, neither is it one of the covers of the DVD/BluRay releases.

                  Yep, this is new!


    • Yeah, we all saw this coming =)

      I wouldn’t think it would take so long. We don’t know if it’s actually going to be aired on TV or if it’s gonna be an OAD or something else (Blu-Ray seems to be more in these days than DVD, so an OAB? LOL)

      Keep in mind that back in 96, when CCS was conceived, they already knew it would become a TV Anime, it was already all worked out from the beginning. Indeed the Anime started only 2 years later in 98 but we could see this new anime sooner than you think.

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      • Right now, I’ve got an evil smile on my face: with all the focus on CCS and an anime coming, CLAMP with HAVE TO release chapters consistently and with a decent amount of pages every month mouahahahahahah!!! They are not escaping and throwing a hiatus on us this time around hhooooohohohohohoh!!

        About the anime, I’d rather it be made from CLAMP’s original material better than anime original, so I’m fine waiting a year, but definitely not two!! >.<


        • Let’s hope you’re right about the hiatuses!

          nonetheless, it means new episodes, seeing my favorite characters animated again, tons of new anime illustrations in magazines, artbooks, new songs/soundtracks, possible OVA/movies, tons of goods (ugh, wait, no, that one is scary, damn, more money to spend…).
          Yes, yes, fasten your seatbealts and prepare yourselves for a very CCS-filled year(s) with a nice new Artbook closing the cycle.


            • Regarding Staff and Cast, we pretty much can consider as given:

              Nanase Ohkawa will be back for her roles of series compositor (in case of a TV series) and scriptwriter and Mokona as card/costume designer.
              Madhouse will be the animation studio for sure.
              Not sure we can have the same character designer and director but that would be great.

              Sakura Tange, Junko Iwao and Megumi Ogata are pretty much guaranteed too given the close relationship they have with CLAMP. Aya Hisakawa gladly voiced Kero in Tsubasa Chronicle so I guess she would be back as well. Haven’t seen Kumai Matoko lately so I can’t tell about her…


      • Risk of sounding stupid here, but what’s an oad?? I know what an ova is… But no idea with oad. ^^;
        But super excited about this. Is it gona be a sequel or a remake I wonder. Since I also noticed she looks 10/11 in this image.


        • Recently, these past few years, more and more popular mangas have had special editions which include a DVD with an exclusive new anime inside: that’s the OAD > an Original Anime DVD (original animation DVD or OAD), it’s an OAV released on DVD as an extra with a volume of manga.

          About the manga picture: I think it’s only a error of CLAMP to have made her looks so young, the force of habit? It was already announced that Sakura was in her first year of high school in this new manga, meaning at least 1 – 1&1/2 years older than in the previous series (ignoring the last chapter of course!).


            • I personally don’t think you should put so much importance on that one color picture. It might really mean nothing at all ^^;
              We also don’t know yet what this anime project will be. We can only wait and see…

              That aside: chibiyuuto put preview pictures of the first chapter of the manga on his facebook account: it’s a direct continuation of the manga! Meaning that the new series begin from the hug between Sakura and Syaoran! SO SWEET!! I am SO happy about it!! This is the absolute best scenario for me!! ❤ ❤ ❤ From the few pages I saw though, they indeed all look quite younger than what I had imagined…but I won't make any judgment until I've seen the whole chapter next week ^_^


              • waaaahhh!!! just seen the facebook preview. oh my goodness its gorgeous!! ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ !!!im super happy with anything ccs related!


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  3. (rings bell) TAAAAAAAAKE your bets!

    1) OAD featuring a straight adaptation of the new comic project!
    2) TV series featuring a straight adaptation of the new comic project!
    3) TV series featuring an alternate adaptation of the new comic project, building off the old cartoon (i.e., picking up after the 2nd movie) rather than the original comic!
    4) A remake of the third season of the original cartoon, which was conspicuously left out of the rebroadcast announcement!
    5) A remake of all three seasons of the original cartoon!
    6) An animated adaptation of a story not featured in the new comic project!

    This is all too much for me, haha. I’m getting exhausted by all this CCS content.


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