XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 50 (Updated)

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© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

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English translations.

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I was hoping there would be something special for this chapter since it’s the 50th one. A color page, perhaps? A bit disappointing considering how dragged this serialization is.

The text at the top of page 1 says that we are reaching the climax of the crimson pearl arc.

We also see the return of the amber stone. And it looks like it’s a dragon’s egg? A dragon that controls rain. Can we predict that this is gonna take part in future Tsubasa arcs?

Ame Warashi is right, Watanuki did improve his negotiating skills.

Another 10 pages for this chapter — 154 pages so far for volume 4. Next chapter will be out on May 30. CLAMP are certainly releasing thin chapters in order to release volume 4 in July.


9 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 50 (Updated)

  1. Not much in the chapter, but it’s interesting to know a bit more about the egg.

    Since it says “climax”, does that mean the next chapter is start of the new arc that related to that egg?


  2. And I got your translation right here! The good thing about these chapters being so short is that they’re a breeze to translate.

    Is this the first time dragons have been mentioned in xxxHOLiC?


    • That was fast! Thank you!
      That is the only good thing about these short chapters xD
      And yes, this is the first time I think that dragons have been mentioned in XXXHOLiC.


  3. I kinda liked this chapter. It felt like it was leading onto a new arc. Not sure if this will actually Be the case. But I love ame warashi. Her and watanuki work well together as characters.


  4. The rain dragon might be suited for Sakura in clow country with the sacred pool. Or maybe for the next arc of tsubasa.


    • Both surprised and not so much… the story was really going nowhere… let’s see how long until they bring it back again.


      • Agreed with surprised yet not. At least its getting rounded off instead of dropped or put on hiatus. Itl finish nicely with twc nirai kanai arc. BUT it really looked like rei was finally getting somewhere with the zashiki arc. Watanuki got some development too.


  5. Hello, I know this is an old article (and probably nobody will read my comment) but i just finished xxxholic rei and I was wondering… is it just me or the dragon egg/crystal looks like one of the crystal when sakura creates a new crad? Also does the dragon inside that crystal share some resemblance with the one presented in the clear card arc? And last, in the chapter when they are talking about the dragon egg I think Watanuki uses the word clear.. are all these coincidences? is everything just inside my mind? 😀 😀 😀


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