Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Nirai Kanai hen – Chapitre 18 (Updated)

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

Chinese scanlations.
English translations.

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I wish a could come up with better comments but it’s difficult without a translation. So for now I’ll just go with:

  • Seems like the clone lost since he disappears at the end of the chapter. Syaoran is obviously sad (so are we).
  • What are Sakura and Hana doing underwater? And most importantly: what are they doing?
  • Indeed I was going to mention about the items that Watanuki gave to the gang in the beginning of Nirai Kanai hen. They already used 3 out of the 4 items Watanuki gave them. Will the 4th item play any role in the next and supposed final chapter? The 4th item is the cherry blossom branch in a cage… something that will take them back to Sakura?
  • I’m glad to see Kujaku is back *loves Kujaku* He seems evil but I’m sure he is a good guy.

31 pages this month! 133 pages for volume 3 so far. That means there is roughly 40 pages left for volume 3. Will the next and last chapter have this much amount of pages? Next chapter will also have a color page.


24 thoughts on “Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Nirai Kanai hen – Chapitre 18 (Updated)

  1. No matter how may times I reloaded the pages, the pictures didn’t appear ;_;
    I will try later!

    Following what you said, Syaoran surprisingly “disappeared”? But what does it mean? That he is truly gone forever, meaning that Tsubasa’s hope to find a world and bodies in which SxS could live won’t ever be realized?

    Truly, there are way too many questions and unknowns for this whole thing to end in 40 pages ^^; And it feels almost out of place for Sakura and Hana to appear in the very last chapter, after we’ve literally seen nothing of them this whole time. I guess we can only wait for CLAMP to do their magic and sow us a good ending I hope.

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      • This link is not working either: I am redirected to another page ^^;

        But it’s fine already: I already saw the whole chapter following a ling nokiirat posted in clamp_now LJ community, this one works and is fast too!

        Whether this was a good chapter or not really depends on the translation we will hopefully get soon: without understanding what is it that happened in this chapter, the images alone are just not enough to have a clear understanding of the events which unfolded…but I did get the feeling that Tsubasa refused to sacrifice Syaoran to the bitter end, and used Watanuki’s items for some purpose?


        • It looks like Syaoran is using the little cursed bunny-keychain to reverse the logic in Nirai Kanai. So he’s like “you’re not getting what you want, either” xD


  2. so kujaku was the evil and not the dead people. (looking at his face without knowing what he’s saying…) i really like kujakus character, boy it wuda been so much better if we saw more of him. seeing more of a build up instead of tada im evil random scene! he reminds me a lot of a main character from the manga vampire knight. i was hoping syaoran would hang in there, cause there were a a few pictures of the two syaorans with the others. i was thinking that maybe they would take the story forward with the clone/daddy traveling with them. now that would be good.


  3. nope. i dont know any chinese or japanese. im going on facial expressions and a hunch i had when he first appeared in earlier chapters. ill wait for the english translations to see.


    • Yeah, let’s wait and see. Kujaku can seem mischievous but he is very good at heart. At least that’s the vibe I get from him =P


      • I don’t think Kujaku is evil, he just simply wanted to see Syaoran’s decision when getting into the dead side of the world (probably knows he was chosen).


  4. The last time we saw Sakura and Hana, they were in water up to their knees, so it looks like they flooded the Utaki in order to prevent Syaoran from unleashing his grudge onto Nirai Kanai (and possibly connect the Utaki to the space surrounding it, since Kurogane and Fay get engulfed in the water, too). Tsubasa doesn’t seem too upset when Kujaku shows him what Sakura and Hana did, so I guess they’re just collapsed from exhaustion in that last panel.

    One of the comments on the scan website (Thanks, Google Translate) suggests that Sakura and Hana straight up destroyed the Utaki with the flood in order to mess with the rules the giant tree laid down? Basically, I think Tsubasa made enough of a cosmic loophole with the cursed doll that Syaoran’s soul was able to disappear and be reincarnated with the rest of the souls of Nirai Kanai rather than vanish forever.


    • The last time we saw Sakura and Hana, they were in water up to their knees, so it looks like they flooded the Utaki in order to prevent Syaoran from unleashing his grudge onto Nirai Kanai (and possibly connect the Utaki to the space surrounding it, since Kurogane and Fay get engulfed in the water, too).

      Good point! Although Sakura is not physically there… they met in a dream, right?

      Basically, I think Tsubasa made enough of a cosmic loophole with the cursed doll that Syaoran’s soul was able to disappear and be reincarnated with the rest of the souls of Nirai Kanai rather than vanish forever.

      That’s a good theory. I also don’t think Tsubasa is gone for good.


      • Yeah, Sakura and Hana met in a dream and, so far as we know, are still in the dream space together by the end of this chapter.


  5. So my Chinese isn’t the greatest but I can offer some (very rough) translations on the simpler dialogue! Knowing CLAMP, the more important parts are unfortunately beyond the scope of my reading comprehension, but I’ve been a silent fan of your blog for years so I figured it was time I contributed something XD

    Cover Page (color page 1): Syaoran v. Syaoran! What will be the final result of this fight?
    Second color page: The joy of reunion becomes the tragedy of parting.
    p3: Mokona: Syaoran’s voice!
    p4: Fai: Syaoran-kun!
    Kurogane: You two! Have you stood aside watching long enough yet?!
    p5: Kurogane: What is your princess doing?
    You two are her retinue(?) so hurry up and tell her to open this place already!
    The two guys: …we’re already on it. / we’re trying our best…
    p6: Other!Syaoran: if you keep this up, your body won’t be able to hold on
    p7: Other people, and Sakura, are waiting for you. You must return to their side …
    Voice: the fight has ended
    p8: (from here it gets difficult for me to understand without spending excessive time looking up words so I’m only going to go with the fragments I do understand+ my guesses! Sorry!)
    voice: (something like you have received the power of the power of God (nirai kanai???)… so go
    p10: (something about how only people who have thrown away everything?? Can enter this place and receive the power) as expected, he purposely gave you release (released you?)
    p11: something about having great strength and carrying some item… yea I have no idea what the voice is saying
    p14: Syaoran: I will go back.
    P15: I will go back. And I will bring the people here to the surface world of the living.
    If I can’t even do that, then for what sake did I call Other!Syaoran over here, fight with him, and hurt him
    Voice: why are you still able to live in the place of stopped time?
    P16-29: Syaoran I will go back. (not sure what voice said) Syaoran proceeds to use power to do something, while the voice tells him to stop, otherwise he will disappear?
    P20: Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh
    P22: Fai: water’s flowing out!
    P23: Mokona: What on earth happened to Syaoran and the others?
    Kurogane: Dang it!
    P24: Kujaku: Impressive. Not only did you (do something), but also (something) the will of your own body
    P25: Kujaku: Actually, I was supposed to take away the items you carried on your body. But (something) was too much. And another reason is, I wanted to see.
    See what?
    See how you would have chosen, what you would have done
    Wanted to help you guys so I acted this way
    P26: At that time, time during the mitake (dunno what this is) had stopped
    Just like a dream where time stops flowing
    So those two people
    (using some magical power) sent gushing water
    p27: In order for you to escape that place
    Even with the power of dreams (dream-seers?) it’s very hard to do this
    No, actually it’s almost impossible
    Despite that those two children wanted to help you
    Just like your comrades who are waiting for you outside
    P28: all right. It’s about time for you to get up. Your comrades are waiting
    P29: Because endlessly waiting for someone without knowing when they’re going to wake up… is too tough (painful?)

    I didn’t translate everything, but hopefully I got about 70-80% of it! I mostly didn’t understand the disembodied voice, so I left out parts of that dialogue, but I hope this at least shed some light of the other parts of the chapter! Thanks always for the links and let’s wait patiently for more coherent trans ^^ hehe


    • Thank you for reading my site for all those years! =D Nice to meet you~!

      Thanks for your translation as well, the disembodied voice WAS hard to understand, even on the English translations that I found.


  6. I typed up an epic long comment + rough translation and I’m not sure it got posted, but after writing this I just realized that a more legitimate translation had already been updated ^^;; so yay for that! and sorry for the double-post(?) (would have replied to my own comment if i could find it… but WP claims I already posted it so haha yea I don’t see it). looking forward to the next chapter!


  7. Honestly, even with english translation, it’s still hard to understand…
    Another Space, Time stopped, Reincarnation, Water…
    Clamp made it needlessly confusing. I would have liked a clearer conclusion!
    The last page about Syaoran needing to wake up, and how painful it would be for the people waiting for him, does it mean he will be sleeping for a while now? Or was it said because he actually avoid that fate?


    • Tell me about it… the spirit thing is really hard to understand…
      There’s still 40-something pages to go, lots can happen that could wake Syaoran up 😉


      • I feel like I’m reliving TRC: not enough information about the “bad guy” in the story D:
        I would like to have a better understanding of the Utaki, the same way I would have liked to have known more about Fei Wang Reed 😥


  8. i think he will avoid it, because didnt watanuki have a dream before the gang were even in NK where syaoran never opened his eyes again. so watanuki collected items to prevent that. we still have bunny head no.2, bird cage and glowing flower thing in the cage. i also think c!syaoran will be saved. i hope he will be. honestly… clamp come up with amazing stories, amazing plots and characters, but it either gets crazy confusing, nothing happens, or they put it on hiatus for eternity. and yet i still love them!!


    • Oh! Good point! Great of you to have remembered Watanuki’s dream about Syaoran never opening his eyes again! It had slipped my mind after so long 🙂 I thought it meant death, but Clamp went with the Sleeping route hahaha~
      And indeed, I believe there are enough items left to save the day! (how convenient)


  9. also in xxx watnuki got pulled into the dream world with yuuko meeting him. this was due to the situation with the two syaorans. i was thinking that maybe c!syaoran will meet watanuki and yuuko in the dream world. that could be where he disappeared to? that was my theory anyway. im guessing xxx rei was put on hold since November to link to tsubasa NK? Remember how in tsubasa resevoir when kyle stabbed c!syaoran, he disappeared but woke up in the dream world where he met yuuko and she reincarnated him and C!Sakura? i think yuuko and watanuki might do this with c!sayoran, or maybe restore his body? duno… just making theories. my theory on kujaku being the evil was totally wrong. lol. ^^; i do really like his character though.


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