CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #21 – 2016/02/18 (Updated)

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

Episode 21 is up for download at CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru‘s official website.

In this episode they mention that they all caught a cold (except maybe for Nekoi? I’m not sure…). You can hear them sounding nasal and sniffing about throughout the entire episode =(

After that, they talked a little bit about some of their seiyuu acquaintances such as Miyu Irino and Mika Kikuchi — sorry I couldn’t understand what they were talking about exactly.

Then, they moved the topic to sweets and they spent a few good minutes talking about it.

About halfway through the episode they started talking about Card Captor Sakura and the fact that the TV Anime Series will be rebroadcast in April on the Japanese channel NHK BS Premium. I think they also talked briefly about the new artbook coming out in March. The Card Captor Sakura talk went on until the rest of the episode.

Update: Here’s a great summary of this episode made by Claudio from Argentina.

Small talk
– First Mokona got a cold, then Ohkawa, and Satsuki. Nekoi was the last to fall.
– They talked about the theatrical play they went to see. They mentioned some actors names I don’t know, sorry. They also taked about future plays they are going to see (one with Kikuchi Mika acting on it).
– They spoke about internet ordering/delivering. Ohkawa said that they don’t like to go to places with a lot of people to buy stuff so they even order medicine online. Nekoi also speaks they order food. Mokona comments she orders ramen (it is called taku-men宅面 you can search for it online).
Satsuki also orders food.
– Ohkawa talked about sending valentine presents this year. She says this year’s was Cacao (They could be referring to one of the chocolate brand names, Origins Cacao, or Cacao Sampaka I think). This ended up being an eternal talk about sweets xD
– They talked about a sweet Yokan-like made of chestnut (栗ようかん). Nekoi said it was expensive but it was a total sucess as present. So Ohkawa continues saying that even if she eats roasted chestnut she doesn’t really eat chestnut sweets. Mokona said that is a pity since they are yummy so
Ohkawa replies that maybe she just got a bad idea of ot when she was a child. Nekoi comments that maybe she doesn’t like the dried/fibery texture of it.
-Nekoi says that even she eats banana or drinks banana flavoured stuff but she doesn’t eat banana tart because is too troublesome. Mokona agrees on it. They say the same of salmon roe. That it gets dry inside the mouth so it’s too much trouble to just eat it.
– Ohkawa comments that salmon roe es pricy in Kyoto. She also comments that she was  surprised that people in Kyoto don’t think of blowfish like an expensive food/ingredient as most people do in Tokyo. In Kyoto is common to see blowfish at supermarkets as well. They comment that Mokona is used to order that online.
– They also order alcohol of course hahaha

– They talked about CCS being re-broadcasted. Even though CCS was re-broadcasted before this time is on BS which belongs to NHK so Mokona says is happy accomplishment (For your information NHK is the government channel, and is paid by the taxes of all Japanese citizens, so yes it is a big deal to have a series based on their work being broadcasted there).
– For CCS anniversary as well they started speaking about the new artbook to be out for sale on March 24th. Mokona addresses this artbook as a  Director’s cut version. It will contain the favorites illustration picked up by CLAMP members. Ohkawa said Mokona had the comments about the illustrations to be published as well recorded the day before they recorded this episode. It seems it was pretty long because she had to talk about 100 illustrations approx. (So we can assume she did it in nasal voice because of her cold, poor Mokona!). Mokona says that while she was commenting she started to remember a lot of episodes that happened around the illustrations. She also mentions that she commented how much her thought had changed after all this time and how her view of the illustrations changed as well. Ohkawa clarifies it is going to be a little bit more of 100 illustrations and confirms once more the cover will have a new illustration. Also since they had the manga re-edited recently the design of the artbook will be lined up with the same atmosphere that the manga re-edition has. Mokona says that if you put it together it will feel like is a set (Oh CLAMP you are going to make us buy it anyways there’s no doubt about it hahaha).
– Ohkawa said she was kind of embarrassed* about the script she wrote at that time. Specially the one for the movie “The sealed card”. She feels like wanting to run away when looking at it. In the first movie the characters go to Hong Kong so it is a common pattern, like they are going to a location on a foreign country at summer like is commonly done in TV. Like Pretty Cure movies.
Nekoi says that the first part of the second film is just Sakura over-thinking about her liking Shaoran so it is a bit a little embarrassing. So Ohkawa continues saying well yes it was a script to make her say “Suki” (make that scene happen). So -she concludes- it may be cheerful/heartwarming to adults who watch it. Also she mentions that in the anime the characters school grades change within the story  (Can anyone confirm this? I checked the summary of both versions and in both versions Sakura starts being a primary school 4th year student I don’t remember if that changes actually in the anime…).
– Ohkawa continue saying that she doesn’t commonly set all that kind of details but she tried this in CCS saying Sakura was a 4th year student. As a consequence of that,  through all the school year you have a lot of events (festivals, etc) going on. So, she comments she also thought about including a trip to a seaside school (on summer vacacion) but it will resemble too much to ultra-famous anime Sazae-san (Her child Katsuo indeed went to a seaside school at summer within its story) so she didn’t go for that setting after all. But in the anime if you pay attention you can see that the height of the characters changes.
Mokona comments this makes storyboards easy (why would be that? I can’t understand that reason…)
– Ohkawa asks the height difference between Sakura and Shaoran. Mokona attempts to say Shaoran’s is higher but Ohkawa corrects her saying she had set that at first they would have the same height, and in the middle of the story she worried over make them higher or not so she decided to leave it to nature decide on this (hahahaha!!)
– Mokona says that in primary school girls gets taller faster but if she did indeed made Sakura taller than Shaoran she wasn’t sure if it will be easy to look at it. So Ohkawa says that is why she decided them to have the same height and got Shaoran a little bit taller in the middle of the story. Satsuki continues saying that the hat of the school uniform was pretty high, but Ohkawa comments that Sakura used the same hat so it won’t change that much because of the hat. Ohkawa continues saying that it wasn’t really that much difference in their heights. Mokona comments that the tallest one is Yamazaki-kun and Ohkawa agrees. Nekoi adds that since Yamazaki was already tall (and gets taller as the story passes) it was hard to draw the school uniforms. Nekoi says that short pants weren’t so difficult to draw but they did have a middle length pants (bermuda shorts) and those were hard to draw.
– Mokona says that Eriol was specially difficult and Ohkawa agrees saying that is because the inside is an old man! (HAHAHAHAHA!!!). Ohkawa says that they had Eriol wearing summer clothes and Mokona says that she tried avoiding to draw him full-body arranging the frames inside the page. He isn’t tall indeed but the feeling when drawing him is completely different since he isn’t really the age he looks like.
– Ohkawa says that they don’t really watch that much the CCS anime and since it is pretty long if they watch something, they watch the movies, but still she gets a little embarrassed. But oh well since in the anime you get to hear the work of seiyuus as well, it isn’t that embarrassing as the manga. She says it may feel like the pulled out/forced the pure and clean, girly aspect of CLAMP out of somewhere. Specially since (at that time) the last animation they had was MKR. But -she concludes- we did our best -Mokona adds “we are giving our best”- so we should like everyone to watch it humming “Catch you catch me” as they do.

*Here’s a note about the words Ohkawa uses. She says terekusai, hazukashii, and indeed it changes to embarrassing in english but I personally don’t think she is using those words with the strong meaning the englisgh word embarrasing has.


9 thoughts on “CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #21 – 2016/02/18 (Updated)

  1. ETERNAL TSUKAMATSU is a musical? Stage? that both Miyu Irino and Mika Kikuchi participates that helds in March. They promised that they and Miyu Irino would eat out.


  2. All that talk about cheesecake has made me want to step out and get some for myself, haha!

    In their discussion about the upcoming illustration book, one of the ladies mentioned that the design of the book will be similar to the Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary release. They described the process of going through their old work and selecting illustrations for the book as “embarassing” — I think they’re worried about pleasing the fans.


    • So they talked about cheesecake, huh?

      I heard something about the artbook’s design and Nakayoshi, so that’s what they meant! I guess the book is going to have a nice golden frame around it.

      They described the process of going through their old work and selecting illustrations for the book as “embarassing” — I think they’re worried about pleasing the fans.
      That’s so cute! It’s like they are embarrassed of their old artwork ^^


      • I guess the book is going to have a nice golden frame around it.
        They gotta justify that 3600-yen price tag somehow!

        That’s so cute! It’s like they are embarrassed of their old artwork ^^
        I remember some of their comments in the CLAMP South Side illustration collection were along those lines — things like, “Wow, this color palette was a bad choice” or “These motifs were so immature!” I’m a big CCS fan and can find something to appreciate about almost all of the art in the series, but I wonder if some of Mokona’s new comments in the upcoming art book will poke fun at some silly themes or odd design decisions (like CLAMP’s obsession with pairing neon orange with olive green early on in the series, or the bizarrely-shaped hats Sakura had to wear, or the awkward group illustrations with poor Eriol).


  3. This extra detailed version is really awesome, thanks to both you and your friend Claudio for the hard work!! It is very much appreciated!

    Not too sure what to feel about CLAMP going crazy about their characters heights, but I think this is just how a radio program is: they started a subject and continued on blablering about it hahaha~

    Them being “embarrassed” came up so many times that it became uncomfortable, especially the part about the movie 2 which is a favorite of mine: if because of their eternal embarrassment and almost-no-romance-policy (we all know their mangas are no shoujo…), they had killed the cuteness and romance in it, that would have been terrible! (we avoided a disaster!)
    About the radio program and how many times they repeated they were embarrassed, I also think they didn’t always meant it literally and that there are broader meanings to it.

    What they said about the looks of the artbook was no surprise, I expected them to align the design with the last year’s re-edition of the manga.


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