CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #17 – 2016/01/21 (Updated)

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

Episode 17 is up for download at CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru‘s official website.

  • They started the show reading a message from a listener that said their first CLAMP work was BLOOD-C (I think?). They seemed surprised about it.
  • Another listener asked them to talk about the upcoming Card Captor Sakura artbook. I think they mentioned that it’s a lot of illustrations to be in a single artbook. Ohkawa said that it’ll have the top favorite illustrations chosen by the 4 of them. It will also have a new illustration for the cover. I’m not sure if they mentioned anything about the “new” illustrations (if someone could check that for us, that would be great).
  • Then, Ohkawa talked about how she and Nekoi are the only ones with official twitter accounts — Mokona and Satsuki use CLAMP’s official twitter account. Then, something about Seishirou and convenience stores (I have no idea what) and Syaoran too. Lots of talking around Syaoran. They even drew a Syaoran x Osomatsu doodle (see below).
  • In the very end they talked briefly about Tsubasa and Nirai Kanai but I couldn’t really get if it’s related to its ending.
  • I thought it was weird that they didn’t mention anything about Nekoi’s birthday considering this was aired on her birthday. I know this is pre-recorded but still…


Update: Here’s a brief summary of this episode’s highlights by Claudio from Argentina.

  • About the CCS artbook -Mokona read a message from a fan. The message was pretty picky asking if the illustrations are going to be repeated with the old artbooks or not, and he/she named every new illustration made (trading cars, DVD covers, etc) saying she/he would like those to be included. While Mokona was reading Ohkawa said something like “Oh yeah there are those too”. After Mokna finished reading Ohkawa clarifies that the new artbook will be a re-edition, meaning that CLAMP is going to select from the illustrations published on Nakayoshi, the ones they like the most, but since it is a re-compiled book it is not like they are going to include new illustrations (literally illustration published after the series ended). But -Ohkawa continued- the cover will be a new illustration (which is soon to be announced) and will also include comments by Mokona (some sort of essay maybe) as well. So Mokona commented that it may be good to compare the comments they do now about the old illustration with the comments included on the old artbooks. Mokona also says that maybe at the time the old artbooks were published many of the readers couldn’t buy it because of the expensive price of an artbook so this maybe some sort of second chance. Ohkawa was surprised at how detailed the comment from the listeners was even mentioning the illustration of the ticket with no price (lottery game ticket I think?). And she asked Mokona if she remembered each illustration she had drawn and Mokona said “I don’t remember”, they all laughed. Okhawa continued commenting that they are going to talk about the new illustration with Kodansha, Mokona asked “that means to do a new one?” and Ohkawa said “yes” (So we might have something to look forward in the future ha ha)
  • About Tsubasa Nirai Kanai They were talking about night dream and seeing characters (from their works an other people’s works) on their dreams. At the end of the show they had (pre-recorded) one of the staff of Young Magazine reading the show contact information. So they said it would be nice to have the editor Mr. Sugara to read the info or even come to the show, since he has experience working with them apart from Nirai Kanai. They also mentioned that there is another person in charge of TWC now (I couldn’t hear the name really well so I wont risk to tell something wrong, but they did mention the name). So they ended saying it would be nice to have him on the show.

10 thoughts on “CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #17 – 2016/01/21 (Updated)

  1. > I couldn’t really understand the relation…
    Currently airing Osomatsu-san, which featuring Syaoran’s seiyuu Miyu Irino is voicing one of the 6 (actually the youngest) brothers, Todomatsu. Also, someone here mentioned after I mentioned about this that I didn’t realize that there are 6 Syaorans in CLAMP’s world.


  2. I’m not too sure how to feel about what I just read: it made me feel like that the fans are all alone making a fuss about getting an artbook with all the new CCS artworks, while CLAMP themselves don’t particularly care for it that much, and don’t even remember what they drew to begin with ^^;

    I suppose what they say at the end about contacting Kodansha about a new book should still give us some hope?


    • It IS funny. Their reaction was like “Oh, right, there are those illustrations as well…”
      I mean who cares about re-issues? We want new illustrations in decent format. Thanks.


  3. > I mean who cares about re-issues? We want new illustrations in decent format. Thanks.

    I totally agree: I understand their point about making available an artbook that fans, 2 years ago, might not have been able to acquire or afford, but I thought that next to that, they were also seriously thinking about the new illustrations too, which clearly wasn’t the case…
    Nonetheless, Ohkawa did sound like she was really going to talk about it with Kodansha, so let’s not despair yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly, I don’t own any of the CCS artbooks because I was one of those fans who couldn’t afford one back then. But hey, it’s so easy to find these artbooks that I never bothered. I will still buy the new version and the old versions (eventually).

      Yeah, I think we can rest assured that Kodansha will find other ways to milk their CCS cow, specially on this 20th Anniversary.


      • I was surprised at how out of touch Mokona’s comments were, since it’s not as if the old illustration books are that hard to track down for fans with cash to burn. The third illustration collection is the most expensive, for some reason (it retails around 4000 yen), while you can get the first two for close to or less than their original selling price on Amazon. The Memorial Book is a little more expensive than it used to be, but you can still get it for around 3000 yen. The REAL outlier is the “Poster Box,” which came packaged with a booklet of concept art for the original comic series. That concept art hasn’t been reproduced anywhere else, and the Poster Box sells for anywhere from 9000 to 20000 yen!

        I guess the value of the new illustration collection will depend on a) the size (is it the same size as the originals, or will it be more like a coffee-table book?); b) the extra content (will it contain the concept art or extra comics from the originals? Will Mokona have anything new to say in her comments?); c) the price relative to all of the above. Hopefully this book won’t turn out to be the the same analogue to the old illustration collections as the Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary editions of the comic were to the original twelve-volume run. Some Japanese fans weren’t happy with those — they complained about the books costing twice as much as the originals with only a small size increase and fewer color pages.


        • So that’s where those character concepts come from! The Poster Box! I had no idea! Although, I am pretty sure it was posted on CLAMP-NET.COM around 98 when the anime came out, but they were in low resolution.

          will it contain the concept art or extra comics from the originals? Will Mokona have anything new to say in her comments?
          It doesn’t seem like there is going to be anything new except for the cover illustration. As for Mokona’s comments, they mentioned on this episode of their radio show that Mokona will write brand new comments for this version so hopefully she won’t repeat herself xD

          I was very impressed by your CLAMP knowledge, Anonymous =) You should leave your name next time you comment.


        • gah! Don’t remind me of that Poster Box!!! I’ve tried for years to get my hands on it, and always ended up loosing it, always because of the expensive price 😥 In the end, I accepted it was my fate to never possess it and slowly gave up….. D:

          The prices for the 90’s artbooks are pretty much like you said, though there are always these lucky chances in yahoo auctions in which some sellers offer them for less, but then, I also think it’s better not to complicate one’s life and simply go on hahaha~

          I think it’s no wonder that some fans complained about the price of the 2015 edition of CCS: in spite of the new format, new shiny cover illustration and bonus cards inside (this was a disappointment too: it think the whole puzzle could have been a new illustration), it IS expensive in Japan’s standard price for mangas which is around +-500jpy… the fact they didn’t include all the color artworks inside the mangas was a big minus for me personally, for their to be only one color page was a let down. The only logical and maybe acceptable explanation for the price, would be that the digital version cost was *that* high, but then, it ends on August 2018; this time limit also wasn’t to my liking to be honest. Well, lots of complaining but I was still really happy to purchase them all and have them at home 😀

          Like chibiyuuto, I don’t feel like there will be nothing much new, from what the CLAMP’s members said, it really will only be the old artworks + comments on them + some sort of interview in the end about this and that related to CCS.
          I still have expectations though: considering they are not selling anything new beside the new cover, I really hope they will work extra hard on the book itself:the dimensions, the quality of paper and printing etc.. I hope they will manage to make me feel happy just having the book in my hands, before even opening it; and no, I’m not delusional, nowadays, some books are really so beautiful that you can’t help yourself from catching your breath right after seeing them! I hope this CCS new artbook will be one of them…sorta… considering that Clamp said something about the fans not being to afford them years ago even though they weren’t that expensive at the time, it gave off a feeling this will be an “affordable” version ^^;


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