“Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Nirai Kanai hen” near its end

The line-up for the March issue of Shonen Magazine SPECIAL announcing the second-to-last chapter of Tsubasa - WoRLD CHRoNiCLE -

The line-up for the March issue of Shonen Magazine SPECIAL announcing the second-to-last chapter of Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE –

The official website of Shonen Magazine SPECIAL has announced the lineup for its March issue and in it we learn that the next issue will publish the second-to-last chapter of Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE –.

The issue will have Tsubasa featuring the magazine front cover and a color opening page is also planned.

This means we have 3 chapters left for Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE –: the one that is out today and 2 more chapters. Volume 3 shall be the final one for the Nirai Kanai hen arc.


10 thoughts on ““Tsubasa – WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Nirai Kanai hen” near its end

  1. does that mean tsubasa world chronicles is completely ending now or is it just the nirai kanai hen strory? are they going to release more arcs, similar to what they did with reservoir chronicles? i hope they release a few more arcs to tie up a few loose ends.


  2. What a shock!
    Looking at it as a whole, it really feels like nothing happened in all 3 volumes @_@ Or is it just an impression? I certainly hope there will be more pages for the last 3 chapters at least!!
    The other thing is that they didn’t resolve anything related to the previous season (TRC) which is what we were sort of expecting…


    • I know, right? That is my biggest complain, the fact that none of the loose ends were tightened — I’m specifically talking about Fei Wang’s origin and the vampire twins sub-plot.

      This makes me think that CLAMP will bring Tsubasa back again from time to time for a new arc, ad eternum, until they finish their career. Maybe they are saving these plot holes for later.


      • it did feel like nirai kanai was coming to a conclusion. but not the manga itself. at least its not on hiatus… but still i dared to get excited at the thought of loose ends being completed. as you say, it may still continue over time. im wondering if they will start up gate 7 again, since its linked (i think it is…)


      • I think there is still some hope: the new series’ name actually have a subtitle of it’s own: it’s “Tsubasa World Chronicle” but it’s also “Nirai Kanai Hen”…can we deduce from this that there will be more worlds explored in the future?
        I suppose many questions will be answered depending on the last chapter…

        My worry though, would be: is it popular enough to keep going? I mean, it’s a Clamp’s work, I really don’t think it will fall so low to the point of discontinuing it all together but still, the popularity of TWC is miles away from TRC: fans who adored TRC didn’t even bother reading the scans online for the past 2 years, let’s not even talk about purchasing the books.
        But other than that, I do agree with you that it feels like it is going in the same direction as xxxholic, and the possibility of it getting new arcs progressively along the years seems quite high. It really is turning into a never-ending journey for the readers too, not just the characters ^^;
        I’m not complaining though: Syaoran is my all time favorite character is spite of everything, so having come every now and then is a big thumb up for me ^_^

        I wonder what manga will Clamp be working on now? Anything is good, as long as it’s not “nothing”! Even a new series would be welcome actually, why not?


        • The sales are decreasing, true, but it was still selling relatively well nonetheless.

          I think CLAMP knows how strong these characters are and we will definitely be seeing them again. They won’t put a defenitive rest to them, I think from now on Tsubasa will always be in and out of the picture. Same for XXXHOLiC, I think.

          I just hope they won’t be huge trolls and start a new “hen” right away.


          • > I just hope they wonโ€™t be huge trolls and start a new โ€œhenโ€ right away.

            hahahaha~ It would be indeed! We get tons of dramas because of the last 3 chapters, and then, on the last page: well, nothing, time to move to the next world! See you next month in “TWC- xxyyzz”!!! XD

            Personally, the way for me to make TWC into an explosive success overnight is simple: make them go to CCS world, and the fans will be killing each other to purchase the books with a sequel of CCS in it. It would have sounded war far fetched (not to say just impossible…) a couple of years ago, but there have been such a focus on CCS lately, that I’m pretty much ready to believe anything at this point.

            That aside, I do have expectations, for the simple fact that it is ending in March, and that “something” generally happens in April, since it’s Clamp’s Anniversary that month ^_^ We will have to wait and see what that is…either taking back an old series, or releasing something brand new, I’m good with both!! ๐Ÿ™‚


            • I also noticed the April thing and that got me excited! It could mean nothing but it also could mean something!
              I’ll be okay by not having Tsubasa for another 5 years, personally xD


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