New Year’s Greetings from CLAMP

Happy New Year to all CLAMP followers out there!

Thank you for following this site and its social network channels. 2015 was a lot more CLAMP-filled than the year before and I am committed to continue bringing you all the latest and freshest CLAMP news throughout 2016.

As usual, CLAMP drew an illustration to celebrate the arrival of 2016 and posted on their twitter account along with a message:


Here’s to a CLAMP-filled 2016!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Greetings from CLAMP

  1. Happy New year 2016!!

    All in all, it’s not like we haven’t been getting tons of news about Clamp these past years + new artworks and stuffs to look forward to; and really, when I see other mangakas who just completely vanishes without a trace for years at a time, compared with how consistently active Clamp have been these past 30 years, we really can’t complain: we are actually unbelievably lucky these 4 are such workaholics!

    Nonetheless, something I miss recently, would be more actual manga material: so my wish for Clamp this year is to give us more mangas chapters of any of their series to read!!


    • Happy new year!!

      Me too! Please! I need them more present in my life.

      I guess they are hinting that 2016 will be filled with CCS (Sakura), Tsubasa (Syaoran) and XXXHOLiC (Watanuki). Or maybe I’m over analyzing @_@


      • >> I guess they are hinting that 2016 will be filled with CCS (Sakura), Tsubasa (Syaoran) and XXXHOLiC (Watanuki). Or maybe I’m over analyzing @_@

        This is the exact thought I had when I saw the picture, it somehow made me smile, since it is as if these 4 evil women were telling us what 2016 would be about: more CCS, more TRC and more xxxholic hahahahahahaha~
        Now that I think about it, these three are actually their all time top 3 most loved and known characters ^^

        Well, I’m totally fine having more CCS, more TRC and more Holic, as long as we actually get chapters (holic releases are more and more far in between…), more pages of TRC (and the story going somewhere please!) and a CCS oneshot! (it’s new year, it’s the time when we wish upon stars and go mad with what we want, so I’m doing that too! XD)


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