Covers of “Card Captor Sakura” vols. 3 & 4 ~Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition~ announced

Here are the gorgeous covers of Card Captor Sakura vols. 3 & 4 ~Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition~!


I wasn’t expecting Fujitaka and Nadeshiko so soon, but I guess it makes sense?  Who do you think it’s going to be on the covers of volumes 5 and 6?

Both volumes are being released tomorrow in Japan.

The special editions of Card Captor Sakura are available for purchase through CD Japan with worldwide shipping.

Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:
Volume 4:

My friend cutesherry did a very good review of this special version, making an interesting comparison with the previous two versions of Card Captor Sakura. You can read it here.


15 thoughts on “Covers of “Card Captor Sakura” vols. 3 & 4 ~Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition~ announced

  1. CLAMP seems to be going off the characters in the nine cards included with the re-releases, except for Kero and Suppi, since they appear twice in that illustration ( Fujitaka and Nadeshiko probably come with the Kero card, so I bet the rest of the covers go like this:
    Vol. 5, Yue and Kerberos (The Final Judgment is going to be in Vol. 5 for this edition, right?)
    Vol. 6, Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun
    Vol. 7, Eriol
    Vol. 8, Clow (w/ Suppi card)
    Vol. 9, Syaoran
    CLAMP could make Vol. 6 the one with the extra Suppi card and put Sakura’s friends or w/e on the cover. It’d be awesome if it was Clow, though, since he hasn’t had a color illustration since 2007 (Vol. 20 of TRC)!


    • Very good predictions! Did we ever have a Sakura and Clow illustration? Like together? After this Nadeshiko illustration with older Sakura, anything is possible 🙂


      • Nope, we never did get an illustration of Sakura and Clow together (even though, technically speaking, he’s the second most important character in the series). What’s funny is that CLAMP drew Sakura together with Fei Wang Reed (for a Shichigatsu Tsuitachi, Ltd. joke) before her own parents!

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  2. On volumes 5 and 6, following the events of the manga, I would say the likely candidates are Yue/Ceruberus/Mizuki (because we are getting to the last Judgement part), then I guess we can easily expect Eriol/Ruby/Spinel with the 2d half of the series. The cover of the final volume got 99.99% chance to be SakuraxSyaoran if you ask me.
    Now, in between, to be sincere I don’t know…There seems to be more covers left than characters available considering they all appear in groups ^^; Unless we get another solo of Sakura, or that characters are repeated, or (THAT would be unexpected), Sakura with her school friends, that would be a super rare sight to see.


    • The last cover will definitely be Sakura and Syaoran, I agree. I also agree with you on being Cerberus, Eriol, Mizuki or Yue for volumes 5 and 6.

      I think it’s also likely to have one with Sakura school friends, but the problem is: which cover? Maybe the 8th.


      • And since they announced there would be a new digital illustration with volume 9, we’ll have to think about who will be on that one too hahaha~ Dream artwork: older versions of the characters, shoujo CCS style, not TRC 😛


                • And something else is that I personally don’t think we will get such ‘previews’ again: they’ve been doing that :including the next book cover as ‘publicity’ on a leaflet, because they released 2 volumes at a time, so even if they revealed one cover, the fans still hold their breaths for the 2nd…but vol07-08-09 will be out all on their own, so the chances of them spoiling the one and only monthly book new illustration cover is quite low…
                  But we enjoyed it while we could anyway! ^_^ (and who knows, I might be wrong)


                  • I see what you mean. Let’s hope that’s not the case. Let’s hope the only reason they don’t show the second cover is because CLAMP are still drawing them?


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