Tsubasa WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Nirai Kanai hen – Chapitre 6

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

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– The title page was the best thing of this whole chapter, I think. It simply nailed everything else! It shows Fuuma on a different world (I’ve seen some people saying it’s Piffle but I don’t think it’s Piffle) and we can see Dita and Zima, from Chobits, and Kazuhiko and Suu (in a monitor), from CLOVER! All 4 of them making their debut in Tsubasa — even if only on a title page. So many easter eggs, CLAMP! Poor Suu is probably locked up no matter which world she’s living. back to Fuuma, we see here that he managed to get an upgraded arm for Kurogane in this futuristic, steampunk world. Does this mean we’re going to see Fuuma soon?

– So indeed the other side of Nirai Kanai looks very f*cked up (like the alternative world of Silent Hill).

– I think Syaoran’s decision to keep his vision regardless of it being different from the others’ is very wise. I agree that there must be a reason for him having that condition.

– Over at Watanuki’s shop, Larg can’t contact Soel and its stomach is also feeling weird — suspiciousssss! The stomach ache is affecting both Mokonas, so it can’t be something in the water that Soel accidentally drank xD

– Does Watanuki know what’s going on or is he as confused as the rest of us?

– What do you guys think it’s the shining/dark thing our guys are going toward to?

– 31 pages this month. This would make 194 pages for volume 1 unless this is the first chapter of volume 2 — although it doesn’t have a color page, which is unusual for opening chapters. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when volume 1 comes out on Feb. 17.

– Next issue will have a color page and Tsubasa featuring the magazine’s cover!


10 thoughts on “Tsubasa WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Nirai Kanai hen – Chapitre 6

      • The arm in the title page isn’t Kurogane’s, it’s Kazuhiko’s.

        Kurogane had an arm with no skin when he got it back in “his” Tokyo.

        Kazuhiko has an artificial arm, as it was cut off by his stalker….


        • Already calling it,
          Ryu Fei Kazuhiko = Clow Reed

          Also, remember in CLOVER ,Suu was the most powerful being. She Transferred her power to Kazuhiko. Making him the most powerful.

          Who’s also the most powerful, Clow Reed.


          • You mean that because of the leaf in Kazuhiko’s hand? I thought that only meant that his mission wasn’t over, not that Suu had transferred her powers.


        • I’m pretty sure the arm is for Kurogane. At the beginning of TWC it is mentioned that Fuuma is in the search for a better, improved arm for Kurogane. The one he is using right now is only temporary.


  1. I got really excited when the first things I saw were Dita and Zima~~!! And then Suu! Fuuma to the rescue… as strange as it sounds.

    It’s only the first volume and the series already took a creepy and dark turn… I see why Sakura is worried now. Well, we’ll see what else CLAMP will surprise us next.


  2. This was a sweet chapter. Hmm I’m more interested in the “goal” place, it looks like the reservoir from Clow Country?! Also curious about black Mokona not being able to connect, wasn’t black Mokona’s power linked to the dead?


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