“CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012” theme song

The theme song for the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 is called Sora, Kaze (ソラ、カゼ) by Kotani Kinya, who also performed the theme songs for the Tsubasa anime and movie.

The single will be released on October 3rd and the jacket was illustrated by CLAMP:

See larger size at http://kotanikinya.net/

The single includes a DVD with a special movie produced by PRODUCTION IG (4 minutes length).

The tracklist for the single is as follows:

1. Sora, Kaze
2. Junketsu Paradox (Nana Mizuki cover)
3. Platinum (Maaya Sakamoto cover)
4. Sora, Kaze -Original Karaoke
5. Junketsu Paradox -Original Karaoke
6. Platinum -Original Karaoke

The single also comes with a random (out of 2) Mokona seal.

20 thoughts on ““CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012” theme song

  1. Ooohh~ Great picture! I hope the theme song will be good too ^^
    Does the special movie has something to do with Clamp’s works? Oh, and something else: do you know if the holitsuba animation from the last year festival is available somewhere online? Buying it is just too expensive, it would cost almost 10000yens including shipping 😦


    • I’m pretty sure the movie will be an animation of CLAMP’s characters. They are advertising the video as CLAMP x PRODUCTION IG. Probably the original characters that are in the cover?

      As for the Holitsuba, it was up in some chinese video streaming site… maybe it’s already on youtube? Either way, I have the MP4 file I uploaded the it here http://www.mediafire.com/?apm9ezvo29t8abb


      • Thanks for the link for the Holitsuba video! 🙂 I’ve been very curious about it ^^ I can’t say I am impressed, it’s really copy/past the comic, even the coloring is very simple haha~ But I’m still happy nonetheless ^__^

        About the new video, should we cross our fingers and hope for a new Clamp in Wonderland? *who knows?*


  2. So nice to see them again ♥
    Thank you very much for the holitsuba animation of their last festival, I was looking so badly after it !

    edit : Oh My God !! Kinomoto Sakura’s voici ! Natsukashiina !!!! At least for that, it’s a treasure ^^
    (it’s nice to have all these famous voices on CLAMP design *o*)


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