New mook “CLAMP Pia”! (Updated)

There will be a new mook/fanzine by CLAMP entitled “CLAMP Pia” (CLAMPぴあ) to be released on September 22, in celebration for the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 events.

The latest information about XXXHOLiC, Drug & Drop and GATE 7.

Introduction to all 23 CLAMP works, and some works outside the comics.

●CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 information
Map access to the venues, tickets information.

CLAMP will draw a new illustration for the cover.
Price: 1,200 yens.
A4 / full color / 96 pages.
☆: Appendix: 24 postcards featuring illustrations from all 23 CLAMP works + the magazine cover with new illustration.

Booking through Pia Book you get an exclusive clear file.

Sounds exciting! In this uneventful era that we are currently living. Looking forward to the news that will be published in this fanzine and the cover illustration 😉

UPDATE: Also, there has been some changes in the chapter schedules for both GATE 7 and Drug & Drop: more breaks ahead.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/03 – Young Ace #09 – Chapter 10 – 3 color pages (title page + spread). First chapter of tankoubon 2 (on sale).
09/04 – Young Ace #10 – Break.
10/04 – Young Ace #11 – Break.

Drug & Drop will be resumed on Young Ace #12.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/03 – Jump SQ #09 – Chapter 18 (on sale).
09/04 – Jump SQ #10 – Break (CLAMP changed that. Chapter 19 was at first scheduled for this issue).
10/04 – Jump SQ #11 – Break.

First break for GATE 7 in a very long time. And a double break, on top of that!

Is CLAMP taking some time off? Nothing new from them before November.


10 thoughts on “New mook “CLAMP Pia”! (Updated)

    • omg, I just noticed: breaks for both series 2 months in a row! D: I suppose they deserve a breather, we are too used to being spoiled by these workaholic women, others mangakas disappears for months/years….The thought of them ending their careers all together at some point in the future is pretty scary >.


  1. Double break for both series! I hope they take a good rest and then start in November with bigger chapters….
    With monthly issues and so few pages ( specially for Drug & Drop), it is a torture….
    However, the most important thing is that all the four mebers are well and healthy


  2. Probably repeating myself here, but any news as to when the manga will be released? Drug & Drop, I mean.

    Cause I saw on one site that it was going to be licensed. Don’t know if it’s true or not.


  3. Two months ? I was already thinking it was a slow year for Clamp… Well, they more than deserve some vacations anyway.
    But I guess the postponing of Gate 7 chapter 19 means the volume 4 I saw listed on a french website for October 2012 was, as I supposed, a wrong information.

    Well, enough of being sad. I will believe that they take two months to prepare for the return of X !!!!


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