GATE 7 #2 sales report

It’s been a week since the release of the second volume of GATE 7, it landed at position 8 in Oricon’s weekly ranking on its first week of sales:


1st – One Piece #64
2nd – Naruto #58
3rd – Gintama #42
8th – GATE 7 #2

According to Oricon, GATE 7 #2 sold 98.914 copies in its first week. In contrast, the first GATE 7 volume sold 93.210 copies. This represents a 6% growth on first week sales.

In Tayosha’s ranking, GATE 7 #2 also appeared on the 8th position:

1st – One Piece #64
2nd – Naruto #58
3rd – To Love #3
8th – GATE 7 #2

GATE 7 is slowly gaining popularity!

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