Follow up: GATE 7 #2 sales report

On its second week of sales, GATE 7 #2 actually rose one position in Oricon’s ranking!


1st – One Piece #64
2nd – REAL #11
3rd – Naruto #58
7th – GATE 7 #2

During this period, it sold 79.463 copies according to Oricon, making the total number of comics sold so far up to 178.377 copies (4.695 more than GATE 7 #1 in the same period).

Let’s hope it will appear again next week so we can track more data!

Looking good so far =)


7 thoughts on “Follow up: GATE 7 #2 sales report

      • Re: Regarding X

        I don’t think X will not going to start for a while because the main reason that it was on hold is resembling Kobe earthquake. And since Japan had biggest earthquake on this March, I don’t think X will not be able to return for pretty long time.


    • This is a shot in the dark, but you wouldn’t happen to know anything about Fushigi Yuugi soundtracks by any chance? Perhaps you own some? It’s just that I keep finding conflicting dates of release for some of the CDs and I was just wondering if you might be able to tell me the exact ones.


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