Drug & Drop Prologue

Chinese scans available here. Translations by tsuyuhime available here.

At least I think this is Chapter 1… it doesn’t say anywhere. It’s actually a prologue, not chapter 1. It says so in Japanese on the colour page – 予章 – and there is text on the last page saying that “the story really starts in next issue”.

– Insert here huge squealing of reading the continuation of Gouhou Drug after 8 years.

– I don’t like the color pages very much… the art looks rather off (in comparison to what it used to be, that is).

– Actually, the whole art overall looks off. It looks like “The Witch’s Mansion”, not Gouhou Drug/Drug & Drop. It looks too simple and not smooth enough. I hope it will get better with time.

– Nice crossing in Kazahaya’s dream. Nothing that we already didn’t know about, though, looks like CLAMP is preparing the readers doing a recap.

– Looks like a year have passed since the beginning of the story.

– BL elements are kept intact, or so it seems.

– What’s with the crow in the last page? Is it supposed to mean anything? xD

– The page count worries me a little. Only 17? Is it because it’s the prologue? I hope so.

– What worries me the most is the art… such a downfall from the previous material =(

– Either way, it feels so nice just to read about these guys again and be in that environment with the drugstore! So happy =)

– I wonder if the tankoubon will be Drug & Drop volume 1 instead of 4, I would say so.


42 thoughts on “Drug & Drop Prologue

  1. I agree, the art isn’t as good as it was before. I’m imagining how Clover o X would look like if CLAMP picked up those now …
    Thanks for sharing, I’m glad to see Kazahaya and Rikuo back!


  2. It’s actually a prologue, not chapter 1. It says so in Japanese on the colour page – 予章 – and there is text on the last page saying that “the story really starts in next issue”.


  3. Wow… o.o You know, Gouhou Drug in the past never struck me as a series I’d want to read. I checked some chapters before but the artwork didn’t struck me as much, neither did the characters so in the end I never read much of it.

    But this new start…I must say I LOVE the artwork. I really do! I know it’s a bad approach but artwork is always very important to me to start reading a manga…=w=; I know, I know, story is more important. But since the artwork really made an impression on me this time, I’m trully willing to give this a try. 😀

    …which is something to say because this is the first series I took interest in since Tsubasa and xxxHolic. Neither Kobato nor Gate 7 struck me as much after reading a few chapters (even though the artwork is phenomenal in both…but here we go: story and setting – neither was my taste).

    All in all: I’m in for this ride! You go, CLAMP! 😀 My faith in you is back! ♥

    P.S.: I hope Japanese scans (or English scanlations) will be out soon. I prefer to read the text IN the comics. @.@


      • Well, I’m glad for you! xD This is the ultimate proof that the art IS different!

        You didn’t like it before and now you do xD In other words, it changed!

        I liked the old one better =( but I’m still going to read it obviously, hoping that I will grow fond of the art.

        I know it’s a bad approach but artwork is always very important to me to start reading a manga…=w=;

        Don’t feel bad, I’m exactly the same! That’s how I came to like CLAMP, in fact =)


        • Funny thing is: I hated the artwork in TRC at the beginning – now it’s my all-time favorite manga ever. =w=; Artwork is a nice way to draw in the audience but in the end it’s the story and the characters themselves that decide whether you like the manga or not. 🙂


  4. The art is…. yeah, very simple. Manga editors will be happy, less work for them XD But I’m happy anyway, because the BL is there and things will probably get better.


  5. Gouhou Drug is back! \o/

    And with the guay joke and the color “are those guys a couple?” art. XD I’m glad we didn’t lose a thing even if they were transferred into a boy magazine.

    Ohkawa didn’t lose her touch, the boys are still hilarious together!

    And… was Kei hemophilic?


      • Well, since Kazayaha said : “Idiot! What would happen if you had hurt yourself!”, I think the first part of the answer, “If I had been hurt then I would bleed. Once blood starts flowing out, and cannot be stemmed…” is still a memory. The background hadn’t turn to black and blood yet.

        But I’m may be wrong. Maybe Tsukiko was the Hemophilic girl. So she… cut herself while fixing the dinner and then the kitchen turned ugly, she called the ambulance and she was gone before Rikuou’s return. End of the mystery. ^_~

        And she fell in love with a surgeon and didn’t come back. XD


        • But I’m may be wrong. Maybe Tsukiko was the Hemophilic girl. So she… cut herself while fixing the dinner and then the kitchen turned ugly, she called the ambulance and she was gone before Rikuou’s return. End of the mystery. ^_~

          And she fell in love with a surgeon and didn’t come back. XD

          HAHAHA love that! I can totally see Ohkawa plotting that!

          Also, I meant “I thought the same THING” (not “time”). What’s wrong with me today? XD So busy at work =_=


  6. I have to say, I LOVE the progression in Nekoi’s style. Whether you prefer how she used to draw several years ago to now or not, I think you have to admit that her technical skills have taken a massive leap in forward; Her anatomy is far better and more consistent, her composition and paneling is easier to follow and her inking is more polished.
    One thing I’m enjoying a lot more already is how Nekoi draws women. Their faces look a lot more natural and less… empty-doll-like.

    As I said before, I really don’t think Nekoi’s style has changed all that much, more like she’s simply progressed, as all artists do. If you compare Mokona’s art in Magic Knight Rayearth, to her art in Kobato or Gate 7, you can see how much she’s progressed stylistically too. It wouldn’t be realistic to expect Nekoi to still draw exactly the same as she did years ago, especially with the sheer volume of art she’s been drawing for xxxHOLiC since then.

    So yeah, I’m absolutely loving Drug and Drop prologue! ❤ It’s still the series I recognise, which is what I was most concerned about.

    Massive fangirl squeal for the return of Kakei and Saiga too (my favs)! ❤ ❤ ❤ Kakei is still such a manipulative creeper!


    • I definitely don’t expect her to draw exactly the same. After all 7 years have passed.

      But I prefer the old style. I don’t like this one and I hope it will look more like the “old” one as time goes by.

      Kakei is still such a manipulative creeper!



    • I completely agree with you. Her style has progressed for all the reasons you mentioned. I don’t understand why people think it’s uglier or that it worsened. It didn’t. For me, the biggest change in her style are the thicker lines, but it’s a change that both Mokona and Nekoi have had for years.


  7. Glad to have back Lawful Drug!
    But I’m with you, Drug&Drop art is clearly simpler than the previous work :/ Compared to Gate7 art (a mix between xxxHOLiC and TRC in art), D&D seems to be a random one-short or something .__.

    I hope it will improve in the real episodes. Anyway, we’ll see if plot advances, as prologue seems to show.


  8. The art may be simple, but it’s gorgeous, just like xxxHolic! And Kakei is so BEAUTIFUL *____* I definetely prefer the new style!


  9. the art changed alright. Better something than nothing… I will be rather bland about it until I see a few more chappies.

    loving gate 7. though I’m no history person. been reading chinese scans… I love Yukimura~ he’s so cool ^^. that white dude looks like mix of Nokoru and that angel person from black butler.. can’t remember names.



    I’m so glad. It’s true: there’s a different between the art of 2003 and now, but I don’t really mind about that. I’m just so happy GD/DD come back!!!!

    Let’s hope the 17 pages are just because it’s a prologe…

    Thank u for the chapter!


  11. Olá, Chibiyuuto!!!

    Yay, it’s out finally!

    I’m really happy about this. Of course there was bound to be an evolution in the style, and of course we will have to wonder if there will be crossovers.

    Thanks for the heads up, Chibiyuuto!


  12. You’re right. The design changed somehow, and I can’t say I’m overly happy about it. Well, ok I am overjoyed that the series is being continued, even if this chapter is a recap of what we’ve already seen, but the older style seemed a bit more haunted, and I don’t know how to explain it, less round I guess.

    So, yes, I do hope it will improve/go back to it as well.


  13. :3

    thanks!!! /
    i am very very happy!
    amm think that is very slow this capter,but is the introduction for my is OK!
    and Kazahaya is more cute and relax with Rikou, no insults,complaints or something is more worried about he and Tsukiko.
    … when time is… 3 year ?? (in the history)

    Sorry my bad english 😀


  14. I’m so happy, like you i’ve been waiting for 8 years for this, and i’m so glad we got it again.

    I don’t mind the art changed, but its alright, a progression of growth in her skill i think.

    Though Rikuo got smaller. He used to be SO BIG, now, he’s only a little wider than Kazahaya. I look forward to see where this all goes.

    and really what is up with that crow. I’m getting my fandoms confused, but i know we have met crows before in clamp. Weren’t there Crows in Wish.


  15. I totally agree with you. The art is just…. Weird it doesn´t feel like CLAMP… It´s kinda ugly… I didn´t like it a bit.
    But like you said it´s just great to see them again. I love Kazahaya, I love the story and I was dying for a continuation… So besides everything i hope this time CLAMP give this great proyect a good or more accurate a proper ending not like Holic, TRC, Kobato and… The list goes on XD~
    Thank you for the translation and RAW! ^o^


  16. I don’t really mind a little change in the art, after all its been years.. but certainly I hope it will get better than this.
    The appearance of a crow in prologue: Do they meaning to speed up the story pace or something 😦


  17. Ok….I don’t understand a word of Japanese, but I really enjoyed the “chapter”. I mean, the drawing is my much better than before [my humble opinion, LOL]. I’m already a fan [AGAIN!]….sahushusahshauhsuahsuahsuahsuashaushau…..thanks again for everything! Você eh foda (digdingdigding)! [essa música eh d+! – nem sei se vc sabe d qual música me refiro….suahsuahsuashua…] (João Afonso…)


  18. Hello!!
    Thanks for the information!! I don’t think words can express my happiness for Legal Drug/Drug & Drop’s return. I feel my faith in X and CLOVER’s return coming back. (Oh, how I’ll rejoice when that day comes. ^_^) Oh, and did you see the color page for GATE 7? Iemitsu’s wings and the leaves remind me SO MUCH of CLOVER. I could feel the happy tears coming out. :’D

    I see a huge change in art. It’s clean and simple. ^_^ Nekoi’s art has changed so much since Legal Drug started. I was expecting change, but I thought there would be more detail, not less. I’m not a huge fan of the color pages either, (The CG looks kind of rough) but I was so happy to see the boys in color again. Can’t wait to read more. I hope the original story ideas they had before it went on hiatus remain unchanged. (Sorry this comment is long, too.) ^_^


  19. I agree with all your points. The artwork is the thing that is putting me off from reading it properly. I used to re-read the manga just for the artwork. But the new style doesn’t struck me as the “look-twice” kind. It is too simple, scant in detail and doesn’t flow very well. The faces and bodies appear ‘glitchy’ to me. But I guess since they are re-categorizing the series into Seinen from Shounen-ai it’s expected for them to make some art style adjustments. Even so, it’s a downgrade in appeal for me. Sadly.


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