GATE 7 #2 cover

Shueisha has the cover of GATE 7 #2:

I LOVE the blueness of it! Can we assume that all GATE 7 covers will feature Hana?

GATE 7 #2 will be on sale November 4.

Now we have all Nov. 4 covers =)


12 thoughts on “GATE 7 #2 cover

  1. Seconding the love for the blue! It’s such a cool cover but it looks less busy than the previous one, having some blue to contrast the red. Ahhh it’s just gorgeous ♥


  2. I’m guessing the next cover will be Hana with either a white tiger or a black tortoise, if they are going to keep up with this theme that is. I hope it’s a white tiger…. 🙂

    – R


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