BLOOD-C #10 (#8 and #9 too)

RAW version available here | Subbed version by OX fansubs available here.

Episodes 8 and 9 subbed by Underwater fansubs here.

Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– Episodes 8 and 9 were more entertaining to watch than 10 (this one was so sloooooow!!). Strange creatures aside, I liked all the killings (how morbid of me!) for episodes 8 and 9, even though they were censored for the TV.

– Episode 10 was more painful to watch. The pacing is so slow! When you keep checking the progress bar to see how much episode there is left, you know something is wrong! I think we had 2 minutes of a scene of Saya drinking coffee? Seriously…

– At first I was surprised that this show would be 12 episodes, but now I completely understand it, and I would say 12 is too much. You could easily tell such a story in 6 episodes, the pacing is just too slow.

– With 2 episodes left, things are starting to wrap up, and Saya is realizing that everything around her is fake (about time!).

– I am struggling to watch this series, if CLAMP wasn’t involved, I wouldn’t have reached this far into it.


16 thoughts on “BLOOD-C #10 (#8 and #9 too)

  1. I enjoyed the killings too, but the ep. 8+9 monster was just TOO disgusting. I was thankful for the censoring.

    You have the recurrent themes in CLAMP-universe like:
    – absent mother
    – what is real what is a dream
    – getting stopped JUST before you’re about to find out
    – mysterious woman with creepy interest in younger female lead
    – SLOOOOOOW pacing

    Anyone who watches Blood C expecting Blood+ and not knowing/liking anything from CLAMP is majorly disappointed, as I understand from the comments in various boards.

    I’m hanging in there, just to see to what extend I was right with my predictions, based solely on extended knowledge of everything CLAMP ever produced.
    Oh and for Watanuki of course (you know what I mean)


    • Even myself being a CLAMP fan am very disappointed, and I’m really sad that the “CLAMP” factor of this collaboration is not making people interested in it. They brought up this cuteness which really doesn’t suit “BLOOD”. It should have been dark all along =_=


      • It should have been dark all along =_=
        I think it was to take people by surprise. And if it hadn’t been for those carefree days episodes in the beginning, nobody would have cared for the whole class to be butchered. But it did seem odd for Tokizane to be introduced as the mysterious bishonen and then be slaughtered off like nothing mattered. Nene and Nono had a lot more focus.


  2. uhhhh

    Yeah didn’t enoy the killings. Do you know how censor pissded me off. Not to mention all the character as completley stupid. I only watch it now because of the art. Nothing else matters. Oh and WHY WAS SHE SINGING AGAIN!!! ALL UR FRIENDS ARE DEAD!!! EXCEPT THE PRESIDENT. (wait why isn’t he dead) Clamp please make another anime pretty please


  3. Maybe everyone’s in on it plus the government, or everyone’s an Elder Bairn, or it’s a fake world she came up with, and the coffee’s drugged, the food has blood, or her dad’s a vampire and she’s a clone or a twin and someone’s going to lose an eye… I hope for something good the last two episodes, but over all I struggle with the slow pacing and the unreal characters. Even if the last two episodes are mindblowing, I don’t know if I’d be able to watch the previous few episodes again due to the pacing (and re-watchability factor is important for my viewing experience).

    They may have “done it on purpose” as the commenter above states, but just because it’s on purpose doesn’t help that it’s become boring to watch.

    Randomly, I was a little interested when Saya started to ask Tokizane those questions about why does he like her and how long has he known her – it seemed like she was waking up, and his creep factor went up.


  4. I’m with you on this in that, if it weren’t CLAMP, I would’ve dropped this series since episode three. Though as you say, all the butchering in ep 8 and 9 was kind of entertaining, for me it was also immensely frustrating. I mean, is everyone in this town completely stupid? They obviously lack survival instinct if all of them just decide to watch in horror and wait for the monster to come and kill them or run towards the monster or even better, hide in the roof where they can be easily cornered instead of running away. The story is quite sloppy and the pace is awfully slow, even their steps when they walk are super slow.


  5. I really hated the censoring in episodes 8 and 9! The Elder Bairn was the most horrible yet and I wanted to see all the gory mauling! I hope the DVD comes uncensored. Is that awful?

    Anyway, I really enjoyed episodes 8 and 9. Although the animation seems to have been getting noticeably stiffer and more awkward with each episode, there were some really grotesquely-gorgeous sequences in them.
    I have to wonder if the occasionally awkward animation is due to budget, but the stiffness seems to be a problem in a lot of Production IG anime I’ve seen. The Tsubasa OVAs had this problem is spades!
    When they get it right, it looks stunning, but when they don’t it’s just horrible lazy and off-model.

    The initial cuteness in the story didn’t bother me much, because I recognise the need for it for the contrast with the extreme gore and horror. I just feel the whole thing has been executed pretty clumsily. If the storytelling had only been tighter and given a more purposeful direction with faster pacing it would have been so much better. Plus, Saya’s personality was in severe need of de-clicheafying!

    But I’m still loving Watanuki-dog! Am I the only one that laughed at his ‘stoic face yet wagging tail’ when he came in through the bath window and Saya was standing there nekid? XD


  6. if CLAMP wasn’t involved, I wouldn’t have reached this far into it.

    Definitely. I keep watching in anticipation of an epic CLAMP plot twist or something of that nature…let’s see where they take us in these final two episodes.


  7. “if CLAMP wasn’t involved, I wouldn’t have reached this far into it”
    -Have you forgotten that in the ANN interview, most of this story is done by CLAMP? If CLAMP weren’t involved, then the show would be completely different in which Saya will not be singing, no creepy twins and all those other CLAMP themes.

    I have to agree that the pacing is slow but it already builds up to the ending. I had a feeling that the next episode is when Saya finally realizes who she is and then the last episode is where she breaks out of the experiment, kills everyone who is involved in it and goes on a run. I guess the upcoming movie might show the real Saya who I think is not the clumsy and moe version.

    I hope the ending could leave a good final impression. Otherwise, it better not end up like the 2 noitamina shows (No. 6 and [C]) which are 11 episodes.


  8. BTW, I found some replies from Director Mizushima with regards to the criticism on the show. Got it directly from MAL but don’t bother looking at the replies from the MAL forums because most of them are just a bunch of otakus acting like 7 year olds.

    Question: Did you put an emphasis on the brutal scenes?
    Mizushima: No, I didn’t. I regret that such scenes appeared to be emphasized due to the censorship by the TV companies.

    Question: The bleeding blood is spouting like tap water. Did you directed in that way because this is “Blood” series?
    Mizushima: I know it’s exaggerated too much, but I made the bleeding scenes unreal not to make the audience feel unpleasant. Being a “Blood” series is unrelated to the direction.

    Question: I heard you intentionally direct the anime in a way to show it incongruous, but I think excessive unnaturalness will end up spoiling the anime and the audience will be bored. What do you think?
    Mizushima: If you think Blood-C is boring, I feel really sorry for that. However, I’ll keep on believing in my policy of direction since I don’t know how to control the impression of the audience. Please don’t take that I won’t listen to the opinions from fans. Of course, I respect the reactions of the audience, but please let me sort out among them.


  9. Clamp bad decison

    I think that Blood doesn’t match with the clamp universe, it is the reason for why the anime is so bad, Clamp don’t have the habit to create such story, even X is far more intelligent than
    Blood-c. I just watch it because I hate start something without finishing it, but an amine which must be erase from Clamp history


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