CLAMP FESTIVAL original goods!

The official website for the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2011 TOKYO updated its Goods corner with information about the merchandise that will be sold at the event.

The original goods are:

A – Festival’s official guide book. Cover by CLAMP, with introduction to CLAMP’s works and interviews with the artists. 100 pages, it comes with a bag.
B – T-shirt.
C – Towel.
D – Cell phone strap.
E – Fan.
F – Mokona cookies.
G – Wristbands.
H – Keychains.

Other non-original goods will be sold at the event as well. To check the full goods list, go to CLAMP FESTIVAL’s official website.

Needless to say that my favorite is the guidebook with a new crossover art by CLAMP. It has a circus motif, I can’t wait to see a bigger version of it =) Looks like they drew all of their characters according to the festival’s line-up, like having 3 “Chiis” (the Chii from Chobits played by Rie Tanaka and the twins from Kobato. played by Megumi Nakashima, both part of the festival’s line-up). Saya is there too, and Kazahaya and Rikuou even though there is nothing Gouhou Drug in this festival (but it’s their current work, same with GATE 7). I’m pretty sure that is Kamui holding TRC!Sakura but I’m not sure… I hope they didn’t forget him =)

I previously mentioned here that the free event “CLAMP Gakuen Festival” will be held at the back of the CLAMP FESTIVAL main stage with cosplay activities, interviews with guets & more. This backstage event will be streamed live by NicoNico in here. You must be a member so hurry and register to watch it live on Saturday! The main stage of the CLAMP FESTIVAL itself will NOT be streamed by NicoNico, only the back stage known as “CLAMP Gakuen Festival”.

I’m not sure if the live streaming will be limited to Japan residents, if that turns out to be the case, I apologize in advance, I really don’t know and I hope it will be open for all.

The official Blythe website informs that their collaboration doll with CLAMP, B2・HOLiC, will be on display at the CLAMP Gakuen Festival.


20 thoughts on “CLAMP FESTIVAL original goods!

  1. cool

    Very cute all these goodies, like the ones with the two Mokonas, strangely Yuko reminds me the main character of Jigoku Shōjo


  2. I can’t wait for a bigger version of the crossover pic (*A*) I see Kurogane, Fay and Kobato in it and I want to cry with joy. If only they added Fujimoto too…
    It’s nice to see CCS!Sakura with her Syaoran too! Like Kobato, she usually appears alone in such pics.


  3. I want to see bigger pictures of everything! >w<

    But most importantly the guidebook! I want to see what everyone is wearing and.. who is all there! I wish Suu was there. :<

    And that bythe doll fits the best out of all clamp's characters… Yuuko was the best choice! ^__^


  4. Making an account was not as bad…but I didn’t know you have to pay for it. Is there another one you could register so it’s not premium and therefore have to pay for membership?


  5. I’m so sad I won’t be able to watch the livestream!! ): I’m region-blocked by NicoNico.

    The Blythe dolls have beautiful clothes but I can’t help to be creeped out by them, their faces are like… creepy. But the doll design in itself is pretty. I just have a thing with dolls :/

    All the art and goodies for the Festival are gorgeous >____< I hope we get a bigger version of the guide book soon


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