B2・HOLiC and CLAMP sign session

The official website of Blythe has news about their upcoming collaboration with CLAMP.

As previously announced, CLAMP is designing a Blythe doll called B2・HOLiC based on Yuuko’s character from XXXHOLiC. It will be a limited production of only 1000 units.

The release date is set to October costing 26.250 yens. The doll will be formally revealed to the public at the Blythe shop Junie Moon Daikanyama on October 15, where it will be sold in advance.

To celebrate the release, there is going to be a sign session with CLAMP on October 23. More details will be announced later this month.

In addition, an exhibition featuring XXXHOLiC illustrations will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo, from October 4th to 30th.

Excited about the sign session! I believe this is the first one since 2009 in Japan Expo.


17 thoughts on “B2・HOLiC and CLAMP sign session

  1. It’s just my personal opinion but Blythe dolls always creeped me the hell out (and I’m a BJD owner). .__.;

    If CLAMP insists on having their characters made into half-chibi dolls, at least make them into a Pullip doll, like this doll of Miku. I’m not fond of those either but their faces are much more sophisticated and better scultped.

    Or even better, make them into normal proportioned BJD dolls, like Okita here. T__T

    I’m sorry but…to me Blythe is just murder to CLAMP characters.;;; orz


  2. Oi, Yuuto-san! Td bem?
    Qto tempo!
    Então, tinha visto as imagens e até enviei p/ vc a algum tempo mas acho que vc não recebeu.
    Queria poder ir nessa sessão… Pena que não posso. ~__~
    Nem precisa falar que amei a parceria.
    Só sei que com esse número limitado de peças, será uma facada. Pior que valorizam rápido demais.
    As colecionadoras aqui no Brasil não curtiram muito. Só pelos comentários que andei lendo por aí…
    Não sei se vc chegou a ver essas imagens:
    B2 HOLic

    Sei que as Pullips tem a caracterização melhor mas não faz muito sentido. Elas são colecionadoras de Blythe tb! Penso dessa maneira.
    Vou tentar comprar essa Blythe pois só por ser feito por elas, já tá valendo p/ mim rs
    Uma ótima quinta p/ vc!


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