I’ve been meaning to post this since Friday but LiveJournal was having problems, so here it is!

RAW version available here | Subbed version by Underwater fansubs available here.

Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– The thing that the creatures keep saying, about “honoring the covenant”, makes me wonder if it has something to do with the previous Blood series. In one of those flashes that Saya has, I’m pretty sure I saw a girl with braids that looks like the original Saya. But it could be this same Saya in a different time.

– I thought this episode’s script was poor. The scene where Saya falls from the tree… I mean, is this really Ohkawa writing here? So unoriginal.

– There must be something in that guimauve sweet!

– For a CLAMP series, there isn’t much clothes changing going on…

– More bizarre creatures *yawns*

– The teacher is saying the lyrics to Saya’s dull song? Freaky…

– Next episode: ghost stories. Looks like a filler. Boring.

Seriously, this series’ production looks very laid-back… or maybe I didn’t get the gist out of it yet.


11 thoughts on “BLOOD-C #4

  1. I’m agreeing to your point that the school teacher was saying the lyrics that Saya’s “今日はいい天気” boring song while smiling is damn freaky !!! I started to notice that the cafe’s owner acted quite suspicious too… I started to think that he is the one narrating ever since the first episode, as I couldnt think of anyone else except there might be a new character popping out soon ! LOL~


  2. “- For a CLAMP series, there isn’t much clothes changing going on…”
    Oh but don’t you remember that there are Clamp’s animes that don’t have too much clothes, either? Just remember Angelic Layer where kids were in thier school uniforms all the time (except for two-three filler episodes), or Chobits where Dark Chi had only one costume, or Kobato who changed dress only after a few episodes and not every time we see her. So I wouldn’t take it as a flaw.
    But I would take everything else as – this show still sounds BORING. And in a bad way. That’s sad.

    ~SStefania (can’t log in with either Google or Twitter, apparently)


  3. really….I though it was kind of an improvement. But i after reading this you are probably right. i wandering if Ohkawa-sensei tried to do a good job on the story. I only watching it because of the art.

    I still get tierd of that got-dang singing.

    O yeah and i think that was the original saya. I though that was cool. then again, it doesn’t have to do much with the story.

    ALso i think everyone in the series has something to hide, just from the looks of it.


  4. I’m getting constant irritation from this series, this love pentagon around Saya is ridiculously annoying. Seriously, Touyaguy, Yukitoguy, Guimauveguy, Creepyteacher… seriously, it’s totally booooring. That scene with Touyaguy being apparently jealous because Saya said she loved Guimauveguy was so lame. (I seriously can’t get over the fact that Touyaguy and Yukitoguy are not gay for each other)

    I mean, the plot is apparently moving somewhere with people and things looking suspicious (the teacher, the dog, the guimauve) but overall, the writing is very meh and most of the story is incredibly boring and I’m basically forcing myself to watch it. It’s a sad day when one’s got to force themselves to watch a CLAMP series

    And if I listen to one more “Today is a nice day” song, I’ll smash my headphones


    • It’s about to rain in the other episode, so Saya has nothing to sing about! 😀 mwhahahahaha

      And I agree with the love harem, it doesn’t seem like CLAMP’s style.., i mean a love triangle at most but not the whole town loving one person!

      “There must be something in that guimauve sweet!” I think Fumito uses that to control Saya’s brain and make her say stuff like: “I love Fumito and he’s the best” >:)

      But seeing as there’s only…8 epsiodes left, I don’t see a good ending or Blood-C ever becoming enjoyable. -_-; Come’on CLAMP, give us a decent ending for once…


  5. I kinda liked this episode. Battles were more “epic” than before, and indeed, I see the first Saya from Blood the movie in Saya’s memories. It will surely share a link with the original Blood (I don’t know if Blood + did…I never saw the end of it).
    A pity this show is so slow to give us clues to guess what’s happening.
    And unfortunately, the next episode looks like a filler T_T
    The best part for me was the Mokona in Saya’s lunch (lol) !

    PS : Saya falls from the tree > totally clampish (as the first meetings between Sakura’s mother and father. There’s also a tree with young Kotori and Kamui, etc…).
    Saya’s father reminds me of Kyogo, Kotori and Fuuma’s father. He has a temple, he keeps a secret and he totally looks like him).


  6. For me, this episode is heading for a new direction. Yeah, I used to slow-paced animes and this anime is not for everyone. I’m getting tired of those negative comments of those who kept saying they kept seeing the same thing over again. I said this in another blog where one of the commentators kept whining: “if you hate the series, just drop it. Otherwise, you’re torturing yourself”

    I think there’s some connection between this show and the original Blood movie. The girl in the flashback does look like the original Saya.

    I had the suspicion that the guimauve is made of blood even the coffee that Fumito is giving to Saya. And also, Fumito became creepier.

    And the fights were very gruesome. Maybe because i watched the uncensored version where you really see the elder bairns ripping the guy’s arm.

    The next episode may talk about ghost stories but sometimes you can’t trust the trailer.


  7. Silly song again, will we get one episode without any of them. ^^;

    The pace was slacky again, going in all kind of unecessary direction, with no focus on anything. It’s episode 4, can we get tension now? I mean, is this a horror anime or a school life one, decide which and assume or mix the genres more skillfully. ^^;

    Everything is still quite shallow at this point, we are getting cliché and slow paced intrigue, not a good mix. I’m now under the impression Ohkawa and Mizushima respected the other party too much and didn’t dare to take the lead in this project. That’s why the result lack direction and no one dare to state facts as they are, like “we need more plot line the pace will be too slow”, we need a scene here where we got Saya’s friends talk about this or that, etc.

    The doggy is the ultimate vampire, I’m sure it is.

    > For a CLAMP series, there isn’t much clothes changing going on…

    It doesn’t have too , there was much in Magic Knight Rayearth either beside the evolution of the armor. And the seires lasted much longer than Blood+C. Talking of which, even if the MKR2 series is 15 years old, the pace was more appropriate, the mood too. More despare, more monsters, more the world is falling apart and the poor people can’t do a thing about it.

    > Seriously, this series’ production looks very laid-back… or maybe I didn’t get the gist out of it yet.

    There’s no gist to it, the pace is too slow, the tension lack bulding and characters lack deep. Someone is not doing their job properly here.


  8. “- For a CLAMP series, there isn’t much clothes changing going on…”

    THANK YOU! I am still pissed off about this because it is still true as of episode 10. I am about to watch episode 11.


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