RAW version available here | Subbed version by Underwater fansubs available here (I was waiting for their release to make the post).

Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– This episode was slightly more interesting the the previous two, I think the plot is starting to get a shape here…

– Food, food, food, this is CLAMP, after all (and the preview for episode 4 shows more food).

– They are giving too much attention to the fact that very little happens in the town, I think… and we don’t see much of the citizens either…

– The fact that Saya’s father can only drink weak coffee: suspicious. AND he wouldn’t eat the Guimauve thing…

– The Motome twins are so dramatic xD Love them!

– What’s with the hipster dog? xD

– The part with the baker was very sinister O___o Much more sinister than the bizarre creature that showed up later (seriously enough with the bizarre creatures!). Who else thought of Ueda? =D Thank god it wasn’t him, right? He didn’t deserve to die that way…

– I would like this series more if scenes like the one with the possessed baker happened more often.

– Out of the 3 episodes aired so far, this was the most interesting to watch, in my opinion, and that’s good because I had really bad impressions for the first 2 episodes.

13 thoughts on “BLOOD-C #3

  1. Someonein animesuki forums pointed out that this could be an experiment. Some interesting posts thought about it too.

    Oh, you noticed the way Saya smiles as she kills the monster is really out of her happy persona.


    • I thought the same things! I even thought of Truman Show, but I hesitated to post about it because I thought I was the only one.

      It totally looks like an experiment and that the town and everything is all fake.


    • Plus, the teacher remarked that she was a researcher before becoming a teacher. hinthint

      For some reason, Saya reminds me of an annoying version of Kobato that sings too many times a day and has a father complex. XD At least she can fight
      but gotta say, I love the twins so funny.


  2. I am enjoying the show more with this episode. The atmosphere was tense and the train carriage scene was creepy as hell! I’d love to see more unnerving monster investigation scenes like this rather than the simple monster-spar session battle scenes we’ve had so far.
    But Saya… arg! I can’t stand her normal personality, I just want to punch her in the face *all* the time. She’s the dullest, most irritating moe desu cliche! I get that her moonlighting monster fighting persona is meant to be a contrast to her daytime one, but it’s just too much. If I have to hear her singing her way through her daily activities or telling her Dad she’ll do her very very best one more time, I might scream! XD


  3. I don’t want to sound so negative, but this episode really didn’t make me like the series more (so far) T.T. I have a feeling I won’t like the rest of it either. The idea of it all is not bad (I like the plot in the blood series), but I don’t like how they mix the slice of life moments and the brutal battles. I don’t think they mend very well. The animation is not the best (though not the worst), and the monsters look a little bit silly…the plot so far also feels a bit to vague. And then there is Saya, who makes me feel so confused. Usually, you can be able to tell what kind of personality a character have after a few chapters, but I don’t understand her personality at all, and it just frustrates me…I know the show got some good points to, sorry for sounding negative. It’s just that I think it could’ve been so much better.

    Anyway, thank you for the links! And it’s always interesting to read what you think about each episode ^-^.


  4. This series is finally gaining rythm, or maybe it’s an odd occurance because a talented episode director added more contents to beef up a thin script. We’ll see which one it is with next episodes.

    The ghost train scene is weird, if the monster had the baker under his spell, why botter to turn into a train when everybody knows no train get there. And why not a ghost bus?

    Ok, I’ll leave my brain on the coat rack once more, at least that’s the right mood.

    > They are giving too much attention to the fact that very little happens in the town, I think… and we don’t see much of the citizens either…

    With what the teacher said, it’s probably a government experiment and all the staff (school, bakery, police, etc.) must be undercover government scientists or governement agents. Saya’s classemate would be guinea pigs.

    > The fact that Saya’s father can only drink weak coffee: suspicious. AND he wouldn’t eat the Guimauve thing…

    I’m more under the impression he try to act like a grown up, so he drink coffee and avoid sweets, even though he’d hate coffey and love sweets. ^^;


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