Kadokawa Shoten will release a special magazine to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of singer Suga Shikao since his debut.

CLAMP were invited to draw a 4-page XXXHOLiC manga entitled “XXXHOLiC・止”. The kanji 止 (Shi) means “to stop”.

Nanase Ohkawa explained in her private board that the kanji 止 is a reference to Suga Shikao’s original name, 菅 止戈男 (same reading as Suga Shikao-スガシカオ, but different writting).

It will be released on August 10.



So many news!!

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

07/04 – Jump SQ #08 – Chapter 5.
08/04 – Jump SQ #09 – Chapter 6.
09/04 – Jump SQ #10 – Chapter 7 – Color page(s).

• Comic:

Here is the cover of Kobato. #6:

I love it! I think it’s my favorite cover! It screams HAPPINESS =D

It will be released on August 26.

• Feature:

To celebrate the series’ conclusion, there is going to be a large feature in the upcoming Newtype issue (out 08/10). Also, information about a new CLAMP series will be announced in the same issue! A campaign will be followed as well (but I don’t know if the campaign will be related to Kobato. or the new series).

So excited about this new series! Could be the revival of an old series as well (it’s alright to hope!). I don’t think it’ll be running in Newtype, though. They will most likely make the announcement to hook all Kobato. readers into this new series. I think it’ll run in a different Kadokawa magazine. Anyway, it was about time for CLAMP to work on another manga apart from GATE 7!

Looking very much forward to thissss!

• Book:

Here is the cover of the XXXHOLiC POST CARD BOOK:

I REALLY liked it! Even though there is little CLAMP illustration on it, I loved the design! I wonder if it was designed by CLAMP…

This postcard book will have illustrations from the covers and title pages of all 19 volumes of XXXHOLiC. It will be released on September 6.

BLOOD-C DVD & Blu-ray:

The official BLOOD-C website has updated with the cover of the limited edition of the 1st DVD/Blu-ray. The jacket features a new illustration drawn by CLAMP!

It will be released on September 28.

The limited first editions of all 6 DVDs/Blu-rays will have jackets illustrated by CLAMP. Check out the release calendar for them at the CLAMP Widget at the top of my livejournal.

BLOOD-C Manga:

Here is a drawing + message by CLAMP that came with the 1st volume of the manga adaptation of BLOOD-C:

Click to enlarge it.

So nice! CLAMP could draw the entire BLOOD-C anime and I wouldn’t mind =)

Thanks syaoranmew for letting me know about this!

BLOOD-C in Newtype:

The upcoming Newtype issue (out 08/10) will be a BLOOD-C special issue.

The magazine will have:

– Cover illustration drawn by CLAMP;
– Special talk between director Tsutomu Mizushima and Nanase Ohkawa about the birth and future of BLOOD-C;
– Inside stories;
– Interview with Nana Mizuki (Saya’s seiyuu);
– After recording reports.

• Featuring CLAMP:

CLAMP drew an illustration and wrote comments for the current Young Magazine that is celebrating the 500th chapter of Fukumoto Nobuyuki’s gambling manga Kaiji:


Idol Nakagawa Shouko (aka Shouko-tan) has been added to the festival’s line up as a special guest.


I’ve been meaning to post this since Friday but LiveJournal was having problems, so here it is!

RAW version available here | Subbed version by Underwater fansubs available here.

Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– The thing that the creatures keep saying, about “honoring the covenant”, makes me wonder if it has something to do with the previous Blood series. In one of those flashes that Saya has, I’m pretty sure I saw a girl with braids that looks like the original Saya. But it could be this same Saya in a different time.

– I thought this episode’s script was poor. The scene where Saya falls from the tree… I mean, is this really Ohkawa writing here? So unoriginal.

– There must be something in that guimauve sweet!

– For a CLAMP series, there isn’t much clothes changing going on…

– More bizarre creatures *yawns*

– The teacher is saying the lyrics to Saya’s dull song? Freaky…

– Next episode: ghost stories. Looks like a filler. Boring.

Seriously, this series’ production looks very laid-back… or maybe I didn’t get the gist out of it yet.