GATE 7 Chapter 4

Scans of GATE 7 Chapter 4 have leaked here. Source: Raw-Bunko.

It’s really hard to comment on a chapter without reading the translation, but I’ll do my best xD

First chapter of tankoubon 2! Tachibana and Sakura on the color page, it looks Ok.

Lots of fight, fight, fight (shonen arrgh!), for a moment I thought there were two guys but it’s actually that guy’s spirit thing who looks just like him! (I forgot about it from Chapter 3, read long time ago).

Hana is COOL.

The new character reminded me immediately of Mello from Death Note. He appeared with a lolipop this time, I wonder if he will show up with a different candy each time. And the eyepatch… oh CLAMP…

Did he gave his middle finger on page 34? =O Nice! And what’s with all the kissing? Looks like CLAMP is having fun now with the kissings xD

Didn’t get the thing with the sword and the woman, but couldn’t help but remember of X.

DISCLAIMER: If you enjoyed reading this story, please support CLAMP by buying the original or licensed material available in your country. A list of countries where GATE 7 is published is available here.


8 thoughts on “GATE 7 Chapter 4

  1. I realized there’s history reference, too in the manga. It’s both interesting and going to be personally hard manga for me… (not good and not familiar with the history).


  2. I wanted to wait for translations, but seeing people talk about Date Masamune I couldn’t resist the urge to see him drawn by CLAMP, but the file was deleted 😦 And it sounds like an exciting chapter… aaahhh Masamune-sama!


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