CLAMP aid for Touhoku earthquake update (Updated)

The wallpaper featuring the illustration CLAMP did to raise funds for the victims of the Touhoku earthquake and tsunami is now available at Yahoo! Volunteer. Yahoo! users can purchase the wallpaper and help the cause.

Unfortunately it seems like it’s only available for Japan residents.

The video message created by CLAMP in collaboration with ARIKA’s Ichirou Mihara already received over 369.000 views on Nico Nico Douga a week after it was posted online.

On other news, the new background of the above mentioned Ichirou Mihara’s twitter was drawn by CLAMP!

CLAMP, will you draw my twitter background too? =D

Update: Larger versions of the above drawing can be found over at ARIKA’s website.


11 thoughts on “CLAMP aid for Touhoku earthquake update (Updated)

  1. 369 mil visualizações é muita coisa! 😀 Espero que o wallpaper alcance – ultrapasse! – esse número. Considerando que é uma obra original do CLAMP, e os motivos pelos quais o wallpaper está sendo disponibilizado, não acho que vá ser muito difícil. 🙂

    (e a propósito, quem é o personagem? Eu acabei me decidindo pelo Fuuma, mas a gravata me fez pensar que, pelo estilo, talvez fosse o Seichirou? Ou nenhum dos dois?)

    CLAMP, will you draw my twitter background too? =D

    Ahaha, se elas aceitassem e também concordassem em desenhar o meu, eu reativaria minha conta hoje mesmo e escreveria um apaixonado poema de agradecimento em 140 caracteres. X)


  2. LOL Ramen Icchan xD Good memories from Angelic Layer just to see this drawing.

    -CLAMP, will you draw my twitter background too? =D
    It could be, maybe your dreams are something more ^_~


  3. Here’s hoping the wallpaper becomes available to people outside of Japan — I’m sure many fans would want to help out by buying it.

    To be honest, I didn’t recognize Icchan at first since he seems like the type to force his underlings to serve him ramen, not the other way around. Maybe he’s undercover on some secret Science business? Also, is it just me, or is CLAMP’s CG work finally improving?


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