CLAMP Tarot Collection

A set of Tarot cards featuring illustrations of CLAMP’s works will be released in April. There will be a total of 44 cards (22 normal + 22 special), covering all cards of the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

The regular pack with 4 cards (2 normal + 2 special) will cost 420 yens
The Box with 12 packs will cost 5,040 yens.

The Box will come with a bonus card of “The Judgment” featuring an illustration of either Tsubasa or GATE 7 picked at random.

Apparently all cards will feature previously released illustrations.

Source: Hobby Stock.


17 thoughts on “CLAMP Tarot Collection

  1. Honestly… while this is cute because it’s CLAMP, Tarot wise it will lack the appropriate symbolism, cute to collect but not to use.


  2. something a little useless, I would have prefer news about X or a bonus chapter for Holic, the cards are not beautiful I don’t like them


  3. Looks nice but I would never buy them…like eolo said, there is no use for them even if they ARE pretty to look at…I think I would rather buy an art book or posters by CLAMP instead XD


  4. i’ll admit i do love CLAMP and i would love this because i am such a huge fan but i am disappointed that they aren’t doing any new drawings. total downer..


  5. Watanuki as a magician, Sakura Kinomoto as The Wheel of Fortune and Sakura and Syaoran as The Sun. Three cards are closely linked. Very interesting.


  6. Is Yuko or Fay in any card?
    Is Subaru in a card?
    I love linking the characters with the appropriate cards, but I agree that tarot wise it wouldn’t be the best deck to use.
    They really should have drawn them though. The X deck has some pretty amazing cards.


  7. You can’t just put random picture and make it a tarot, you need carefully crafted illustration with heavy symbolism behind.

    Look at the Kobato card, it should be the high pristess, where are the Solomon temple pilars, where is the veil behind which the thruth is hidden. This is just crap, it’s not even funny. ¬_¬

    I want my X tarot.


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