CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 poster image

Here is a scan of the clearfile featuring the same illustration as the poster sold at the CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 event.

Click to enlarge it.

The image was provided by Neko through the website Crossed Destinies.

I loved that Kazahaya is holding a medicine, haha!


23 thoughts on “CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 poster image

  1. Ah, o Kazahaya está segurando um vidro de remédio, não tinha notado! XD Sempre bom ver ele e o Rikuo ainda nas ilustrações oficiais (CLAMP sabe como manter os fãs ligados numa série inativa mesmo depois de tantos anos – funciona comigo…).

    Também adorei a Mokona abusada, sempre (se esfregando &) enchendo a paciência do Kurogane. E a Kobato assustada (com a Sakurinha!) segurando a mão do Kamui, uma gracinha.

    Obrigada! 🙂


  2. I love CCS!Sakura’s dress. A sakura dress. Neat. Lol.

    Kazahaya looking cute as usual – no news on Legal Drug yet though… can’t wait to find out what they’re planning to do next. =3


  3. Squeeeee!
    Thank you so much for sharing this!!

    Can stare at Kazahaya and Fai at same time *drools* hehe. (am a bit freaked out my Kaza’s expression but oh well he is pretty enough to get away with it.)(am I the only one thinking he does look a bit like a sleazy drug dealer in a back alley?)

    Oi, Kamui, no hitting on Kobato! Honestly, holding a young girls hand like that when you have Fuuma waiting for you off screen.
    Simply adore Kamui’s wings, and his eyes *stares at his eyes* so pretty.

    *Squees happily some more*


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