Not much happening.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

02/04 – Jump SQ #03 – Chapter 1 – 3 Color pages, GATE7 will feature the magazine cover (on sale).
03/04 – Jump SQ #04 – Chapter 2 – Color pages.
04/04 – Jump SQ #05 – Chapter 3.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

02/10 – Newtype #03 – Drop. 23-B (on sale).
03/10 – Newtype #04 – Drop. 24.
04/10 – Newtype #05 – Drop. 25.

• Book:

The release of the XXXHOLiC Guidebook was postponed to March 17, it was first scheduled for March 9, in a simultaneous release with the 19th volume (I need to fix my layout now xD).


7 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. Ah ah some extra work for you Chibi Yuuto, you should thank Clamp. As I thought, it seems that XXXHolic is a Tokyo Babylon bis even for its end, so we can hope that Watanuki and the TRC group will reappear in a next work and maybe in Gate 7, I think that it is the rason for the end and the start of the two series the same month.
    Maybe the XXXHolic tankoubon will have some changes for the last chapter ( I hope ), as two members of Calmp have some difficulties with the end.


    • I think there was a bit of a joke when Satsuki and Nekoi said that. Ohkawa usually don’t tell the other members the ending of their works, they usually know when they are about to draw it. It’s normal that they are a little confused just as we were.

      But I don’t think there will be major changes in the tankoubon’s final chapter, maybe additional pages but the ending is what we saw in the magazine.


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