GATE 7 Chapter 2

Scans of GATE 7 Chapter 2 have leaked here. Source: Raw-Bunko.

Double colored splash pages again! I like this one more than the previous one, that tiger looks so great!

I wonder if all chapter titles will follow the “Hana…” pattern. Much like the Chobits TV Anime episode titles, which all had a “Chii…” prefix.

Chikahito is our new Watanuki? His actions and cooking skills remind me of Watanuki in early XXXHOLiC.

Sakura is such a cool guy, he will be the teaser of Chikahito/Hana. I like his clothes in this chapter. I think we’re going to see some really nice male clothes in GATE 7.

Tachibana looks just like me when I need tea XD

HANA IS SO ADORABLE WITH THE FROG OUTFIT ❤ She is so adorable without doing much.

Chikahito wonders about Hana's gender and Sakura goes "hum? Hummm?" not giving a proper answer xD

We have a new character!! Or not? I wonder if he will be regular or will disappear after this arc ends. He is very good looking, I like his wavy hair, but he looks dangerous xD

My god, all they do in this manga is EAT o_o

Like I said, the guy looks dangerous XD

Sorry if my comments seem lame, this is the best I can do without an english translation =/

DISCLAIMER: If you enjoyed reading this story, please support CLAMP by buying the original or licensed material available in your country. A list of countries where GATE 7 is published is available here.


56 thoughts on “GATE 7 Chapter 2

  1. My god, all they do in this manga is EAT o_o

    Ahahahaha, não é isso mesmo que parece? XD Quanta comida temos em Gate 7!

    Sakura is such a cool guy, he will be the teaser of Chikahito/Hana. I like his clothes in this chapter. I think we’re going to see some really nice male clothes in GATE 7.

    Ainda estamos no segundo capítulo (terceiro, se contarmos o one-shot?) e eu já percebi que estou gostando MUITO do Sakura. Eu adoro a mistura “extremamente atraente com aquele cabelinho diferente” + “o cara que está sempre sorrindo e fazendo piadas in a non-Fay way”. E as roupas dele, como você disse, são muito bacanas. Mas a impressão que eu tenho é que a Mokona ainda está pegando o jeito de desenhá-lo – tem pelo menos uns dois desenhos dele nesse capítulo que estão um tanto… hmmm (o da pág. 11, no qual ele está com esse *muito estranho* pescoço virado e o painel da pág. 18, no qual eu achei os traços do rosto dele inconsistentes – principalmente comparados com os do Tachibana, que tem traços num estilo mais semelhante ao que vemos em mangás do Clamp).

    Nada que apague o brilho do capítulo, entretanto. 🙂


    • O Sakura é o cara bacana! Mas to até preparado caso ele tenha um passado super horrível que nos faria odiá-lo. CLAMP costuma fazer isso XD

      Com certeza Mokona ainda deve estar se adaptando aos novos personagens, mas realmente essas pequenas inconsistencias em nada apagam o brilho do capítulo =)


      • Well, Jump SQ keeps their series’ length at minimum 31 pages (but Shin Prince of Tennis is 28 pages because it releases two chapters and each chapters are short, plus sometime Shin PoT add more chapters in each issue). So, I don’t think Gate 7 will go lower than 30 pages.


  2. Is all they actually do in this manga is eat and be swallowed in to alternate dimensions? I’m sorry, it’s just that while at the start of the manga when this first came out, some people were being critical about it but I was positive and thought it looked really good. But now however, that feelings starting to creep in on me too. I’m just thinking ‘….is this it?’. I hope we will be proved wrong but right now, I’m just finding it rather repetetive. And Hana’s deliberate cutesey-ness is starting to get a little annoying.

    But that girl at the end of the chapter, is it just me or does she make you think of Princess Hinito from X?


  3. Ahh thanks for the link!!

    I’m so in love with Hana and her ZOMGCUTENESS that I ought to be embarrassed. XD And it’s so wonderfully contrasted by Tachibana’s Eye of Doom that I was cracking up even without a translation.

    My god, all they do in this manga is EAT o_o LOL!! It’s kind of a nice, mundane contrast to the “fighting weird things in alternate dimensions” – roots it a little in a recognizable reality, I guess (I always liked that about xxxHolic, too). And all the best conversations/teasing happens around a table…right? 😀

    Thanks again!


  4. The new guy looks so retro to me *dies*

    I don’t get the story very well yet, I could understand only half of the chapter… It’s too complicated Japanese to me or my skills are below acceptable.


  5. I just finished the chapter. I always thought Hana was CONFIRMED a girl but after reading this chapter, I’m going to go with her being “gender-less”. In fact, I’d prefer Hana to be a boy lol.

    Also, I already LOVE the new character. I hope he plays an important role.


    • Hana (the current one, not the one we read about several years ago in the first synopsis for Gate 7) was never confirmed to be a girl. In fact, CLAMP listed hir as genderless on their website by posting hir name in yellow (as opposed to blue for “males” and pink for “females”), the same color used for Kohaku and Ashura — meaning, of course, that zie isn’t exactly a boy, either. 🙂


    • I explained the whole business about Hana’s sex/gender here. In a nutshell, CLAMP lists Hana with other “sexless”/”genderless” characters like Kohaku, Yue, and Ashura — but sexless characters of the female gender have been listed as “girls” (e.g., the Zashiki Warashi and the Ame Warashi), so CLAMP has given us no definitive idea of what Hana’s gender is going to be. The only marker of gender we have for hir so far is hir taste in clothing, and we don’t even know if zie picks them out for hirself or if someone like Tachibana just buys what he thinks will look cute on hir.

      Thus, we can say (for now) that Hana is most likely sexless and most likely genderless. (If Hana is an otherworldly being, zie may not even have a concept of gender, so we may never be able to pin hir down as a simple “boy” or “girl.”)


  6. Zie and hir are the genderless pronouns I see the most, so that’s why I use them! (I don’t actually care for “hir” that much, since phonetically it seems indistinguishable from “her,” but what can I do?)

    Gate 7 will provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to make up their own pronouns.


    • Very ture. I like the words a lot! Though, sicne Hana looks and dresses like a girl to me, Hana’s a girl in my mind. Kinda like Ashura-o’s a girl and Yasha-o’s a boy evern though both are really generless and sexless. As for Kohaku… yeah, hir’s definatly genrerless/sexless


  7. Hana with a white tiger, is she Bakko, the wild tiger of the West?

    So Sakura already have someone in his life, my wet dreams are broken. T_T

    Style going on about the gender confusion. ^^;

    So Sakura is an obi tyer and Tachibana is a University student (or so is the cover up story until now).

    and it seems Chikahito is the owner of the three of them somehow…

    I can’t wait for the next chapter.


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