CLAMP to guest in Minoru Toyoda & Kumichi Yoshizuki’s doujinshi

CLAMP will be guest artists in Minoru Toyoda & Kumichi Yoshizuki‘s doujinshi Koukan Nikki (交換日記, Exchange Diary). Apart from CLAMP, the doujinshi will have other 4 guest artists.

There is a hotsite open for the doujinshi:

The 68 page, B5 format doujinshi will be sold for 1000 yens at the 79th edition of Comiket (Dec. 29~31).

This is the first time in a good while that CLAMP collaborates for a doujinshi.

The news came from a message posted in CLAMP-NET.COM by Nanase Ohkawa.

A little bit of background info now. One of the authors of this doujinshi, artist Kumichi Yoshizuki, is a friend of Ichirou Mihara (from the game developer company ARIKA). As you know, CLAMP and Mihara are close friends. CLAMP and Kumichi Yoshizuki were introduced through Mihara when he visited CLAMP’s studio in February 2009 (exchanged autographs, etc). This collaboration probably sprouted from that meeting =)


5 thoughts on “CLAMP to guest in Minoru Toyoda & Kumichi Yoshizuki’s doujinshi

  1. Yuuto-san, are there any bits of info you could get about CLAMP’s opinion on the “Law of non-existant youth”, AKA “Anti-otaku Law” or “Bill 156”?

    Also, it’ll be featured on Comiket in case it’s not cancelled. There’s a huge struggle going on between the editors and Tokyo metropolitan government right now. You can go over to my site to get a brief summary of the situation.


    • CLAMP haven’t spoken about that law in their Private Boards yet. I’ve been curious about their opinion as well, but so far nothing =/

      I’m a little worried about it =/ let’s hope Comiket won’t get cancelled.


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