Kobato. #5 cover

The official website of the Kobato. TV Anime has the cover of Kobato. #5:

The cover illustration features the one color page from volume 5.

Kobato. #5 will be officially released on December 25 (Dec. 24 in some stores).

Thanks lovelessinma for letting me know about this! 😉


28 thoughts on “Kobato. #5 cover

      • The publisher of Kobato. in Italy reported in a conference at Lucca Comics and Games that it will be six volumes in total…


        • I heard that! =) It could be, but it’s still a rumor to me. I’m not saying they are wrong, but while it’s not confirmed by either CLAMP or Kadokawa, I would like to treat it as a rumor.


    • I agree that there is so much to be explored in the Kobato. universe. The creatures and their true forms, their past in the Underworld, more sidestories at Chiroru, we haven’t seen Icchan…

      I think what killed Kobato. was the monthly 14-pages thing… it started in 2004, then we had a break, then it came back in 2006 (that’s 4 years ago) and we only have 5 volumes.


        • Totally… it should move to Shounen Ace already. The tankoubons are already published under the Kadokawa Comics Ace label anyway…

          I think they ran it in Newtype because of they knew it would eventually become an anime, but the anime is over now, they are free to go.

          But maybe CLAMP is comfortable with the page count =/


      • Oh, they said Holic would end around March? I didn’t know! But that’s good to hear ;;; *Hopes for a good end*

        I wonder if CLAMP will dedicate themselves to GATE7 only… One monthly series only after so much work will seem like holidays to them *laughs*


  1. This is pretty disappointing of Clamp, and I’m not only talking about this volume: even the previous covers were nothing new, always pictures from one or another chapter.
    How surprising of them not to put on the effort to draw something as ‘basic’ as a single cover pic, especially since there is barely one-two volumes of Kobato released each year.


    • I don’t like that too… but I don’t know if that decision is up to CLAMP or Kadokawa =/

      I’m pretty sure the book design is not by CLAMP (unlike XXXHOLiC). That’s why is so simple and average.


      • Yeah, I understand^^ But I think, since volume 4’s cover was published in Newtype only two months before the volume’s release, I was kinda hoping that they’d do the same sort of thing for volume 5 ^^ We haven’t had a color page in a while, so I guess it was wishful thinking on my part, lol XD;;


  2. Pretty cover! Does anyone know where I can find scans and translations for the more recent Kobato chapters? Because you can no longer get scans on mangafox, and Starlady hasn’t posted any translations in a while.


    • This isn’t that helpful, but is the only place where I’ve seen Kobato. scans since Managafox took the series down. Are you having trouble with the .zip files, by any chance?


      • Yeah, I am having trouble with zip files; the bloody security software on my computer usually blocks stuff like that. It’s annoying. I like trying to find things scanned rather than in zip format, but that’s sometimes quite hard. Thanks for your help anyway.


        • I was in a similar boat a while ago, too, so I know how frustrating it can be to find online viewers rather than just .zip files. (I wish that more people were considerate enough to upload individual images, but then again the big crack-down on online reading sites makes that more difficult.)


          • Wow, that was a quick response. I usually find I’m on a completely different time frame from everyone else, since a lot of LJ users are American and I live in the UK (so a lot of the time I post comments when everyone else is in bed). It’s nice to hear from someone who has been in the same boat, as I thought I was the only one who has those sort of problems. It would be nice if more people scanned chapters; I’m currently desperate for scans of Kobato and Hoshi wa Utau, but none are really forthcoming. But yeah, the big crack down on online reading sites is detering people from scanning chapters *sighs*.


  3. If really XXX Holic ends in March and Kobato in May, do you think is it possible that Clamp will work on the continuation of Lawful Drug?


    • I think so. Specially when XXXHOLiC ends, Nekoi will have a lot of free time in hands, enough to be able to draw Gouhou Drug =) But things can be different if CLAMP decides to start a new series instead of resuming one of their paused works.


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