Peter Pan & Wendy cover (by CLAMP)

Kodansha has the cover of the pocket edition version of Peter Pan & Wendy drawn by CLAMP:

The cover was taken from a puzzle game available at the Aoi Tori website. You can play it here if you want xD

CLAMP’s Peter Pan has belts in his clothes and Tinker Bell looks like Primera =) Clearly a Nekoi work here 😉

Apart from the cover, CLAMP was also in charge of drawing the inside illustrations.

The book will be released on November 17.

Thanks syaoranmew for the heads up!


17 thoughts on “Peter Pan & Wendy cover (by CLAMP)

  1. Awesome!
    CLAMP’s trying a different chara design for Peter Pan, completely different from what they say in the books, which is great!

    …and Tinkerbell…WOW.! She’s like…Upgraded or something.

    Hopefully, they might release an English release for this pocketbook.

    If they didn’t…that’s…just sad.


  2. Thanks for sharing, the both of you ^^
    It seems like I was late answering this post~

    The picture in itself is nice, it’s Clamp after all aha~, but I guess the biggest interest in it is their vision of “Peter Pan”: this child who wants to never grow up is actually wearing black from head to toes, even the hair and the eyes are dark, and he somehow got a feline feeling to him more than a mischievous or playful one?


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