CLAMP NEWS !! (not really)

No news on today’s update of CLAMP-NET.COM. Therefore, I’m just gonna repeat here the schedule for Kobato. and XXXHOLiC:

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/10 – Newtype #09 – Drop. 22 (on sale).
09/10 – Newtype #10 – Drop. 23.
10/09 – Newtype #11 – No Kobato. scheduled.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #09 – Chapter 207 (on sale).
09/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #10 – Chapter 208 – 4 color pages – Beginning of tankoubon 19.
10/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #11 – Chapter 209 – Illustration application service.

There will be an application service along with Chapter 209 that will give away a reproduction of an illustration. Whether it’ll be a new illustration is still not known (although I would say it is).

So many promotion around XXXHOLiC…


11 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !! (not really)

  1. It seems like XXXHOLIC is going to last for ever… and I don’t know if I like that… I want something new from CLAMP, a new story and more of the beatiful and complex art they used to have (like Clover, and X).
    Thanks for the news.


  2. I’m hoping that CLAMP is actually working on something new (like the Gate 9 project) and they’re just keeping it hush-hush for the moment. Otherwise it does seem strange how little work they’re doing now (by comparison at what they’ve done in the past).


  3. Yup.

    But even so, xxxHOLiC’s art style is unique and still quite interesting~
    Besides, they’re so busy with two monthly series and planning a new series and all their promotion stuff, I don’t think you can say they have it any easier than they did long ago.
    As long as they keep doing what they do best, I have no complaints. =3


  4. I’m going to ask them to remove the release from Amazon’s pre-order on my next e-mail. But seems that is the end of the road for this book… sadly.


  5. The eyepatch is fully justified though – that new guy is no other than Date Masamune, the One-Eyed Dragon. And he’s head over hels with Hana, it seems, calling her “his little kitten” and all.
    The “woman” is Katakura Kojurou, and I do believe that it’s a man. A very very feminine-looking man XD The sword is Masamune’s oni, Kurikara, and Katakura acts as a kind of a sheath for it.


  6. Catching up…

    Kobato is steady, good thing.

    Two chapters towards the final for of xxxHolic, this is the end of an era.

    The clamp@mobile fest is cute what do we have…

    Gate 7, it has the best spot as advertisement for the next series
    Kobato, of course, the only manga still going on for Kadokawa
    xxxHolic, as expected, the only manga still going on for Kodansha
    Kohaku, probably a tribute the anime series and her/his/it apparition in Kobato
    Tsubasa, it has been a big chunk of Clamp’s work for these last years
    Gouhou Drug, maybe some exposure before the come back? or else it’s the Nekoi’s series’ tribute
    CCS, proud representative of the old Kodansha series
    X, proud representative of the old Kadokawa series (Kamui, I miss you so much T_T)

    No Rg Vega? This series usually have a stop in retrosceptive poster, or maybe they only have recent series, like these who had chapters past 2000? No, it can’t be, there isn’t Suki Dakara Suki, Chobits or Angelic Layer… Or they may be something comming with them all, like CCS Blu-Ray on one hand, X and Gouhou Drug’s resuming on the other?

    We’ll see.


  7. I haven’t seen the raw, but Koujuurou should be a boy, since in Japanese history, Katakura Koujuuro was the right hand man of Date Masamune.

    I can’t wait for the translation! I’m dying to see Masamune and Koujuro drawn CLAMP-style!


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