New XXXHOLiC Rou OAD for 2011 (Updated)

A user from japanese discussion boards 2ch received the XXXHOLiC Rou Short-OAD and reports that a new OAD for XXXHOLiC Rou, expected for the Spring of 2011, was announced in it.

Here is a screenshot from the announcement:

Update: The short-OAD is actually the Opening sequence of the new OAD featuring a song by Suga Shikao.

Update 2: Pictures from the short-OAD were posted on Yahoo Auctions:

The package says “Opening movie of the new OAD”.


20 thoughts on “New XXXHOLiC Rou OAD for 2011 (Updated)

    • It is a short OAD that was offered to people who bought the three magazines that were part of the campaign:

      Shonen Magazine with XXXHOLiC Rou oneshot
      Magazine SPECIAL with Holitsuba oneshot
      Bessatsu Shonen Magazine with the first chapter of XXXHOLiC.

      It’s only 2~3 minutes long, we don’t know about its contents yet =/


    • It seems like they have just started sending out the Short-OADs. I’m pretty sure we will get info about it soon enough =) Not to mention it might get leaked on the web.


  1. I-is it confirmed that the short OAD is Holic related? Booo, and here I was hoping with all my might that the short OAD would be Horitsuba related ;___; /dreams are shattered, brb angsting in corner.

    Another full length xxxHolic OAD is good news though, keep those OADs coming CLAMP! XD


  2. Only 2-3 min OAD? O_o I’ve been waiting for new OAD but… not this short D= *me thinks of random things CLAMP can put into the 3 mins video*

    This one serve as a promo of the real OAD I suppose… *scratch head*


  3. Thanks for the info ^^
    More Holic it is then! I hope it means that, by then, there will actually be *something* to animate, because the manga’s plot has been pretty stagnant lately ^^;


      • Maaan I can’t stand XXXHOLiC anymoooore xDDDDD

        LOL XD
        But we’ll still be stuck with it for a while I’m afraid 😛 The new arc barely started ^^; That said, the more I think about it, the more I believe Clamp should have stuck with their first plan: to end TRC and Holic together.

        And thanks for the extra pic from yahoo auction 😀


          • My interest for Holic is close to rock bottom lately: I just realized today I still didn’t watch the subbed version of XXXHolic Rou ^^; (and yes, I *did* buy the holic17+DVD in japanese but didn’t watch it either, just stored it in my bookshelves…)

            Still, I will definitely see it through to the end, hoping that once again, Clamp magic will impress me at the least expected time…hopefully? ^^;;;;


  4. Thank you very much for the info..I hope someone will post the short OAD…what might be the song? Is it Sayonara Home Run? I’m a total fan of Suga Shikao and this is his latest single…


  5. Thanks for the video, although that video was extremely dull. I’m kinda disappointed that there will be another OAD since the past ones have been underwhelming (although I did purchase them). Hopefully this one will finish off the story. I wonder what volume this will come with? My guess is Volume 20.


    • I couldn’t be less excited about this OAD. I’m really not looking forward to this or any other OAD that may come from XXXHOLiC…

      I agree with you that this will probably come with volume 20, with volume 19 beginning next month, it will be completed way before Spring 2011.


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