New release date for CLAMP in America

The release date of Del Rey’s CLAMP in America guidebook has been postponed to February 22, 2011.

The book was previously scheduled for September 28 of this year. No further information was given about the postponement.

CLAMP in America was first announced in 2008 and it was originally set for a June/2009 release. Since then the release was delayed several times. According to Del Rey, past delays were due to new material being provided by CLAMP. The book’s page count also suffered changes over the time, it was originally announced to have 144 pages, then 336 pages, 384 and now 352 pages is the latest counting.

You can read an excerpt from the first chapter via Amazon.

Thanks shidouhikaru15, who always keeps me up-to-date with the Del Rey and Dark Horse releases xD

For an updated list of the upcoming CLAMP releases, please check the

6 thoughts on “New release date for CLAMP in America

  1. I don’t know what is more amazing, that the release date was pushed for two years or you remembering all the changes xDDDDDDDDD As I said before, I have lost the number of times release dates have been changed, no kidding. I mean, for CCS omnibus Dark Horse changed it like three times on a month, and now they are saying that omnibus 1 and 2 will be out on the same day, what a joke. Now, returning to Del Rey, I hope this change is to announce the promised 384 pages again, and not for the company’s convenience to sell something the next year ¬¬ And of course, let’s hope that “finally” it goes out next year since they could think “Originally planned to celebrate CLAMP’s 20th anniversary, why not wait until CLAMP’s 25th anniversary. At that time xxxHOLiC is over and Gate 7 is out. Now we can add the promised new material and more pages” if that happens I’m going to laugh until death xDDDDD O.K. I know, CLAMP’s 25th anniversary is faraway, but at this rate I’m going to finish my thesis and graduate from university before CLAMP in America goes out xDDDDD


      • Yeah, if that’s the case that would be a big spoiler, but that means that xxxHOLiC would be ending around January-February in order to Gate 7 to start. However, for now xxxHOLiC doesn’t seem to end soon, so… another change for the release date of CLAMP in America in the future again? +__+


  2. I’m getting really annoyed at this book. -.- I’m glad for the new info, but this is getting ridiculous. I expect something amazing within those extra hundred and some odd pages.


    • I’m wondering how many times they’ll have had to revise it to make sure information isn’t too out of date by the time it eventually goes to print. Maybe the extra time will allow them to make some proper cover art to go with the increased page count, at least ^^;


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