Kobato. TV Anime #23 & #24 (End) RAW

Episode 23 online stream at SayMove.

Episode 24 (End) online stream at SayMove.

Okay so… that was weird XD

But I’m used to the weird endings of CLAMP, it usually ends with a happy ending but a very twisted happy ending.

And I don’t know how much of an input Ohkawa had in this ending, but the manga will definitely have a different ending (that is, Kobato and Fujimoto might end up together but under different circumstances).

I think I liked episode 23 more than episode 24, those last minutes of episode 23 were DRAMATIC XD I love how EVIL Ushagi is XDDD

I don’t understand much of what happened, I need to watch the subbed version, but apparently Kobato’s wish is to be with the person she likes the most? Which is that alternative version of Fujimoto? But I’m not sure at all of this.

And SHE HAS A CROWN IN HER HEAD!!!! AWWW! That’s so CLAMP! ♥ Much better than a halo! Well it is a Halo, but CLAMP style ^_~

The thing with everyone forgetting about Kobato is becoming a little too overused by CLAMP. First Card Captor Sakura, then Tsubasa and now Kobato? Maybe there’s more I can’t remember now, but there are other means of punishments and consequences and showing how important someone is. Anyway just hope this argument won’t be used in the manga as well.

So we did find out the purpose of Kouhaku in the series: explain Fujimoto about Kobato LOL

Fujimoto got a new job and went to live in a big house or something?

Love to see Sayaka wearing a ring and the kids poking Okiura around in the new Nursery school that they are probably running together.

Too bad they didn’t explain much of the creatures’ background, or their true forms, maybe they want to save it for the manga (but they could have given more info instead of pointless original episodes).

Overall it was a good series, I enjoyed to watch it, the adaptation was so-so, I think it lost itself a little in its main point, they seem to forget about Kobato’s wish and her or Fujimoto’s feelings, to unravel everything in the last episodes. It looked rushed in the end. The key plot elements were distributed into the first and final episodes, they forgot about the in-between episodes.

But it was truly the environment of a CLAMP anime. The atmosphere, the crossovers, the details, but they didn’t explore well Okiura and the creatures, that was a failure.


38 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #23 & #24 (End) RAW

    • I would have been really dissapointed if he had shown some kind of “mercy”

      *nods* me too!

      The crown is pure win…who would have guessed that?

      And it’s also so obvious! I mean it’s CLAMP, for god’s sake! xD

      Yuuko in xxxHOLiC ;____;


      episode 23 started like “WTF!” and ended up being pretty intense…

      INDEED! I was like “cut that off it’s the freaking climaxxx show me revelations!!!” XDD

      And I also think they left a lot unexplained, Ginsei turned out to be so unimportant, irrelevant =/ A pity.

      Thank you as well Vanessa! For always commenting on my comments! It really makes the experience a lot richer! =)


  1. I didn’t like it very much. Episode 23 was ok, but episode 24 was booooring. :/
    But seeing Toshihiko in a school uniform made me so happy! ♥ ♥ ♥ Best thing about the entire anime.


  2. After 3 years (graduated from university), he finally got a job for lawyer and moved to a better housing.

    From ep. 23, it seems like Kobato’s wish is to be Fujimoto look-alike, but it turns out in ep. 24, she wanted to be with Fujimoto again if she reborn.

    The ending actually made me want to cry from the joy, and yay, Doumoto is a doctor (I like Doumoto).

    I saw from the official site that it will be aired again in alternative NHK channel (Education channel) beginning 7:25pm next Monday.


  3. For a moment when I googled the raws and this showed up I thought my leg was being pulled. 😮 But I’m glad it’s already uploaded. Thanks! 🙂 I’m so happy I took up Japanese at times like this.


  4. First of all, thanks for your reviews Chibiyuuto-san, its like the “official review”. Well, i suffered a lot with the last minutes of episode 23, ushagi its SOOO DAMN CRUEL! i loved the crown by the way xD. Its soo clamp-ish. I felt kind of sad when Kobato’s gone. It was feel like oh, so alone, hope CLAMP don’t do that in the manga, lose the memory about that person.

    But i cried a lot with this two last episodes. Its true. Besides that Kobato is my favourite CLAMP manga series, i think that it ended in a fair way. I still hope in the manga that Fujimoto fell in love with Kobato, and definetly was touching when he called her “Kobato…” that really melted my heart!

    I can’t believe its over now, i need to watch the subbed version definetly, but i liked this so much. So im really grateful with all this. This anime made me soo happy. And i think that manga will end with Fujibato, its so cannon (at least to me xDDDDD!!!)

    Im so speechless right now, so, thanks a lot Chibiyuuto-san!


  5. The last moments of episode 23 really had me at the edge of my seat (besides the fact that I had to run to class right after I was done). My heart just cried for Fujimoto when he went “Don’t go!”

    I not sure if I liked episode 24 that much… but I really loved the end when he called her name (episode 23 would’ve been a sufficient ending to the series if he called her name out then too when she disappeared xD).

    Thank you chibiyuuto for all your comments for the series (:


  6. Sc

    AAAH It was a happy ending! Happy happy ending! I LOVE Fujibato SOOOOOO MUCH. Looks like she did get recarnated and the konpeito held her memories. I would like to think it held Fujimoto’s love for Kobato which unlocked the memory in her head.

    I dunno what I’m talking about, I need the subs.

    SO what the heck happened to those flashbacks about little Kobato? Did that get answered at all?


  7. The Crown

    I’ve seen a similar one in some Clamp characters in the member art area. For example, here’s a similar crown on Watanuki.

    I hope it isn’t related to Rou. Also, the pic is pretty old.


  8. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that the manga will be much more better!! I think I was pretty the ending, and as you said, the final minutes of episode 23 were very dramatic.

    I am kind of sad because know I have the anime-endingidea in my mind xD I will surely consfuse things! hahaha

    But as Kobato serialization i SO slow, we will see the ending a some years!
    Hope we can at least see the bottle fall full for 2015!! haha

    Thanks for the links chibiyuuto! Your comments were very funny always.

    PD: I would LOVE to see KObato’s crown in the manga


  9. Sc

    After watching is subbed, I concluded that it was a VERY VERY good ending.

    So they did do something with the flashbacks. It all makes sense now. So Kobato lost her life in that dimension a long time ago, but she makes a contract with God to have a chance to be by Fujimoto (the past one) side again, assuming she wants God to send her soul back in time to give her another chance of happiness with him. I assume the contract also “terminates” Kobato’s soul if she fails. So I think the price she will have to pay if she fails is to have her soul never again reborn. That’s what I got out of it.

    Wow that’s a hefty contract….

    I’m glad in the end she realizes her silly mistake of wishing to go back in time to find happiness when her hapiness is right there with the current Fujimoto. I guess it doesn’t matter which Fujimoto it is because when a Kobato and a Fujimoto from whenever and where ever meets up they’re bond to fall in love. XD

    Just like Syaoran and Sakura~ Aww true love is too cute they way CLAMP does it.

    But wow how many years has passed??? Judging from Marina and the other children I say at least six (their school uniform and age look middle-school). SO Fujimoto is old now…lol….24ish? Kobato is like….17…XD


  10. Isn’t anyone thinking this is too much like all Clamp’s stories?
    The thing about people forgetting Kobato, and then her story of reincarnation with Fujimoto-that’s the same thing in Wish!!
    What there was of original in the story was lost, which was the creatures.
    I don’t know, I really enjoyed the series, it was fun… but that was it, the story is 0 original.
    I hope the manga will be better!!


  11. I finally got some time to watch these last two episodes, and oh man… I am crying like a baby. XD I’m such a sap! XDD;

    I loved both episodes, I thought they fit really well with where the anime was headed. I am hoping they do something different with the manga, though, and that they expand on certain parts of the story. 🙂

    I also loved the crown, who would have expected that? XD

    Overall a very cute and fun anime, I enjoyed watching it and reading your reviews. 🙂


  12. Help?

    Not gonna lieeee. I loved it. But first off: Can someone PLEASE explain to me the whole Kobato being reborn thing. I’m very confused.

    Well I finally watched the last two episodes. I was wrong about what Kobato was. Which sucks, but guessing CLAMP’s plotlines is pretty difficult.

    Not going to lie, at the end of 23, I could not stop crying. CLAMP gets to me like that. They do the things that pull on my heartstrings.

    The fact that Fujimoto went after Kobato, it showed that he cared. I was correct though in guessing that his healed heart would fill up the bottle. The scene between himself and Kobato when Ushagi put up the magic barrier was really sad. It reminded me of Tsubasa in a lot of ways. When you look at Fuji’s childhood, you really see that all he wanted was someone who cared about him. Especially after he lost his mother. Kobato gave him that.

    Ushagi just pisses me off. Down to his little maniacal laughing.

    …And now everything is better. Just like how Kohaku and Shuichiro’s souls are bound to one another, it also happened with Kobato and Fujimoto. It is still so odd seeing her without a hat on. I’m glad that the konpeito gave her back her memories.

    I don’t get Kobato’s whole rebirth thing. I rarely get CLAMP’s little time/space storylines, but hey, I loved it. Definitely one of my favorite adaptations, CLAMP wise. The ending was cute. Now I only wonder how the manga will end.

    I just loved seeing all the characters from the story four years after. And Fuji telling Kobato she was late. Again. (:


  13. Ahh. I loved this series a lot xD I thought the ending was nice. I’m kinda a sap so I ended up crying throughout the last two episodes. But now I think I’ll go read the manga to see how that ends xD


  14. Call me a sap, but I loved the final episodes! The ending did feel rushed and there were a lot of CLAMP cliches, but the cuteness totally overruled all that for me ♥ Kobato’s last cry of “Fujimoto” has got to be one of the most heartbreakingly adorable things I’ve ever heard X3 I’m so glad it was a happy end too, since I’m not expecting the manga to end so optimistically.


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