Kobato. anime article from Newtype #03

Here is the article about the Kobato. TV Anime published in this month’s issue of Newtype magazine:

Click on the “Original image” link to check the scan on its original size =)

Special thanks to Aurelia for uploading it and letting me know!


23 thoughts on “Kobato. anime article from Newtype #03

  1. I thought watanuki would only have like a cameo in Kobato… I’ve already watched ep. 17, but if he is in the magazine then that means he will appear again? =0
    maybe you’re right and it’s just a marketing strategy to make more people watch the anime… but it feels weird to have watanuki in kobato >.


  2. Watanuki does look like Eriol!! he looks too young in the anime
    Does anyone know where is Kobato. drop 21?? can’t find it
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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