CLAMP supports Sakai Yui

CLAMP presented Japanese female athlete Sakai Yui with an illustration as an act of supporting her participation in the Winter Olympic games that is currently taking place in Vancouver, Canada. Sakai Yui plays in the Short Track Speed Skating competition.

Click to enlarge it.

Apparently, Sakai Yui is a big fan of CLAMP and she used to go to the same Manual Therapy Center as CLAMP, they got to know each other through a mutual doctor from the clinic.

Sakai Yui talks about the illustration in her official blog.

You can check CLAMP’s messages of support in the Message section of CLAMP-NET.COM.

This is so cool! I thought it looked very much like her =D And that was a very nice gesture of CLAMP!

22 thoughts on “CLAMP supports Sakai Yui

  1. I saw her practice last week! 😀

    I live in a city about an hour out of Vancouver, Canada. Some of the Japanese speed skaters were using out rink to practice before the olympics, and it was open to the public, so I went to watch! I’m hoping to see her compete on tv~!


    • So you knew her? This is the first time I hear of her. But then again, I know almost nothing about sports. I don’t follow it.

      But it does look a lot like her, it’s amazingly alike.


      • I don’t know anything of sports either XD But I was in Japan for a month around December~ January and I saw a TV program that interviewed her. So thaat picture is very, very much alike for me
        to recognise it straight away!


  2. I must admit that I’m a little sad about her not qualifying on 500 m and not to arrive to the final A on 3000 m Relay. However, the second one was a hard one and the first one was really close, I mean a difference of 0.077s between the 2nd and the 3rd place is actually nothing, and there, the difference was the large of the leg and the blade, less than an step perhaps. However, it was really amazing, she started on the last place but on the past lap she fought for the first place (too exciting if you ask me). After all, it was a good competition actually; so I think she must feel proud of what she have done. Oh well not all is lost, the final B for 3000 m Relay is still to come, maybe she will not have a medal as in the final A, but at least she can win an olympic diploma which is also good.


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