Kobato. TV Anime #14

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I don’t have much to say about this episode except for a few things. The episode was completely original (I kinda miss the half original, half manga adaptation episodes).

The boy was adorable, and how he compared Fujimoto to his grumpy grandpa xD

MILK!!!!!!! How cuuuuuuuuuuuute XDDDDDDDD I was glad they showed him (if he’s a “he”), and it was nice how Fujimoto reacted like “oh so she did find him a home and now he’s happy”. We’re still going to see Milk one more time in the Bazaar, or so I hope XD

Great animation, I think it was in the same quality level of the previous episode (which was excellent).


23 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #14

  1. I didn’t pay much attention to Kobato until the latest chapter got me hooked completely. *_* But which chapter does it say Kobato can’t fall in love with someone whose heart she wants to heal? I saw that on Wikipedia and have read all the manga chapters but I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere or I might just be a sloppy reader >>.


    • It was first mentioned in a Kobato advertisement for Sunday GX, before the manga started. It has never been mentioned in the manga so far, either CLAMP rewrote the plot and removed that detail or we’re still going to see it.


  2. iยดm guessing here so.. i think that maybe she is sad because she already know that rule, like the thing with the hat, and she said that she wants heal fujimoto and now she can`t because she love him, so she is in a very tough situation with him, ioryogi is not pleased with this new thing either.. if i were she iยดll cry too … major drama is coming ….

    about the episode.. waiting for the spanish subs.. but looks like a cute epi… (well any episode will that kitten is gonna be my favorite ^. ^ )

    and finally thank you chibiyuuto for the links and yours comments i’m always waiting for them…


  3. The episode was quite cute, but I still like the last two eps best ๐Ÿ™‚

    Um…actually I’ve got a question!
    There are some new Kobato Anime Illustrations and in the lower right-hand corner is some information about the soundtrack and if I’m not completely wrong there’s a release date and the price as well…?

    it’s this one:



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