Kobato. TV Anime #11

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This was such a Chobits episode! LOL

I don’t like Kobato’s maid outfit. It didn’t look good in the preview, and it certainly did not look better in the actual episode.

I didn’t like Yumi’s voice as well, I think it’s too “moe” xD Ueda’s design looked so weird sometimes, not pretty enough… I think it’s because his chef hat is missing…

Kobato really doesn’t eat anything… that reminds me of what was said about angels not eating anything, I think it was Kohaku who said it.

Isn’t Marina-chan the cutest thing ever? I want one xD

Next week I think we’ll be back to the manga storyline, which is good, but the next episode will only air on January 5 =/


12 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #11

  1. I know there have been some comments about poor animation in some previous episodes, but today was the first time that I really noticed a shot that made me go ‘OMG…DID A THREE YEAR OLD DRAW THAT???’. I normally watch it online, so the quality issues are less noticable. But there was a shot of Kobato early in the episode that was REALLY poor.

    I didn’t mind the maid outfit so much. Sure, it was very plain, but I had horror visions of an outfit more like Yumi or Chii’s and I shuddered at the thought of Kobato dressed provocatively.

    But it was nice to see them use Ueda and Yumi and give them a more involved part.

    And, yes, Marina-chan IS the cutest thing ever!


    • I agree, I think I know which part you’re talking about =/

      I hope at least they will fix those ugly shots in the DVD version, it seems to be done that way nowadays.

      Where can I buy a Marina-chan that never ages?


  2. Kobato’s maid outfit was horrifying!

    Kobato running around and telling people she was a “detective” today was priceless though. The looks on that one couple’s face was great! XD


    • Next week there is no kobato?? sad!!!

      I wanna see the hospital fujibato scene!!

      Its my favorite moments in the manga so far! You know, when the mob guy gets sick and she calls fujimoto and they go to the hospital? I SO WANT THAT TO HAPPEN IN THE ANIME!!


  3. Kobato theory

    Forgive me for being a bit random (considering that this is a discussion about the Kobato anime), but after reading the latest chapter there is a theory I came up with which I desperately wanna share. Call me crazy, but I think that Fujimoto might be Shuichiro’s reincarnation. There are reasons for this. We know Kohaku is currently searching for Shuichiro’s reincarnation, but hasn’t found him yet. Also, in the latest chapter Kohaku was asked what she would do if Shuichiro fell in love with somone else. She said that she just hoped that person would love him back. Right after she says this, it reverts back to the scene with Kobato and Fujimoto. By this point we know that Kobato is in love with Fujimoto, and can speculate that he feels the same. However, (and this is the part I regard as strong evidence) Kobato has been told she is not allowed to fall in love with him (or him presumably). How well would it fit that this is because he’s destined to be with Kohaku?!
    What do you guys think?


    • Re: Kobato theory

      The theory that came to me is diferent.

      When they are on the hospital, and kobato says that you can die even for a small thing, fujimoto asks if something like that ever happen to someone kobato knew…and notice, she doesnt answer just cies even more!
      And about this last chapter, notice who asks the question – the rabbit guy (I cant remember his name) is the one who asks that. And we know that ioriogy-san is ALWAYS on his mind. So he is talking about iogory. now…join the two clues!!

      Conclusion – ioriogy is the reencarnation of the person that kobato knew and died! And its no secret that he doesnt like the fact that she is falling for fujimoto – but he doesnt get mad at her about it!



    • Re: Kobato theory

      It’s a good theory, but i would have to disagree.. going back about 2-3 chapters, Kohaku is already with Shuichiro’s reincarnation, because she’s at Genko’s shop buying baumkuchen for him. About what Kohaku told Ginsei, i think it relates to Fujimoto possibly (maybe, because i also think he’s falling for Kobato) having feelings for Sayaka.


  4. Yumi was voiced by… Toyosaki? (I forgot, but I think she voiced many “cute” roles) so Yumi’s voice was cheesy?

    Yeah, sad that there’s one more break.


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