Kobato. TV Anime #10

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Thanks everyone who were hoping to see my comments last week! =D

I think this was a nice episode, I always say that but it’s the truth, I can’t lie, right? XD

Once again Madhouse x CLAMP makes an original (although not entirely) episode feels like something that came straight from the manga. I wonder how much input CLAMP gave to Madhouse in order to make this episode, seeing how we haven’t been taken so deep into Fujimoto’s past in the manga yet.

Teenager Sayaka is adorable with her pink cheekbones, she looked so determined putting those guys away, I loved her there =)

Great to see Misaki and Tamayo making a cameo, I didn’t like the fact that the beer logo doesn’t have the penguin as in the manga (how dare they remove the penguin? D=) but it’s fine, Misaki and Tamayo were there =D

Too bad we probably won’t be seeing Primera and Ringo giving away free ice cream D= Or maybe on another summer episode?

Ioryogi being all crumpled due to the heat was something very funny to see, specially the face he makes when Kouhaku gives him the beer XD I sensed a little bit of NHK censorship since we didn’t actually see Ioryogi drinking the beer, but it’s fine, at least they didn’t change beer for a soda can ๐Ÿ˜‰

And the last scene with Kobato teasing Fujimoto about his childhood? So adorable!

Next episode we will finally see Yumi, yey! Chirol bakery is always welcomed =) I thought they would make a Christmas episode around Christmas time but the story is currently in the summer season so I don’t think it’s gonna happen, it’ll probably be the chocolate cigarettes story (the episode title seems to fit, “Detective Kobato”), although it won’t be Valentine’s either… xD


29 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #10

  1. ** VAChE **

    It was a cute episode! as expected we see things in the anime that still doesn’t appear in the manga…that’s a pity at least for me (aaarrrggghhh Kobato’s publication is as slow as hell >__< even though, if you read the entire volume, it's happened a lot of things :/ and where on earth is drop 17??? and the interview with Ohkawa??!!!)

    I think the music gave an special atmosphere to the episode (I'm not refering to the song…but the background music) and the animation was very nice…Kobato faces were great and Ioryogi was really funny here xD Sayaka is always beautifuly animated…even in the bad animated episodes…yay for Misaki and Tamayo!! ๐Ÿ˜€ and the sunflower had a band-aid with a bunny on it xD HOW CUTE!

    aaawwww so nice to know Yumi and Ueda we'll be in the next episode…is Kobato wearing one of Chii's dress she wore in the manga? I'm sure I've seen that dress before (how stupid I don't think you remember that xD)

    I was wondering…there're 16 episodes left…and Kobato doesn't even have the half of the bottle…how is she gonna reach her goal?, even in the manga it's been very slow…


    • I didn’t really like that sing-a-long song that Kobato and the kids were singing, it was slightly annoying wasn’t it? XD

      is Kobato wearing one of Chii’s dress she wore in the manga? I’m sure I’ve seen that dress before (how stupid I don’t think you remember that xD)

      I don’t think it’s Chii’s dress (and of course I remember it! =D)

      I was wondering…there’re 16 episodes left…and Kobato doesn’t even have the half of the bottle…how is she gonna reach her goal?, even in the manga it’s been very slow…

      I think there will be a 2nd season =)


      • ** VAChE **

        xD I know! they are a bit creepy…I mean…I don’t hate Kobato’s song (the one she first sung) but for some reason I think it doesn’t fit her…I mean, when I read in the manga she was good at singing I imagined a angelic voice…but in the anime it doesn’t sound like that :/ (I loike the but it’s not what I had thought)

        Oh they are not same…but, for me, they look-a-like…Kobato’s one doesn’t have the sleeves Chii’s one has…and Mokona’s draw looks fuckin way better!
        Here’s the pic of the dress:


        • ** VAChE **
          OMG! this comment I just made has 129837192834792873192837 grammatical mistakes! O__O I’m really sorry u__u I’m a bit late and tired >___<


  2. I’m really disappointed with the way they’re treating both Kobato and Fujimoto in the anime, I think they misunderstood their personalities and turned them into an exaggeration of what they seem to be in the manga, but which they are not. Fujimoto is not a mean person mad at the world 24/7, and Kobato is naive, but not stupid. I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks this ;;;;

    I also wonder if I’m the only one who freaked out after seeing Kobato in such a maid-cosplay dress for next episode. It reminded me of those harem anime out there I never liked.

    A- and to say something good about the episode, I think Sayaka looked lovely too! She was so cute as a young girl, and I liked the way they showed her personality. She always gives this kind feeling~
    We also got to see Sayaka’s dad! I wonder if we’ll see him in the manga too, eventually.


    • I’m very satisfied with Kobato’s character, she really cracks me up every time! As for Fujimoto, I agree that he looks grumpier in the anime and sometimes he is mean to Kobato instead of just teasing.

      I also wonder if I’m the only one who freaked out after seeing Kobato in such a maid-cosplay dress for next episode. It reminded me of those harem anime out there I never liked.

      Well she will be working at Chirol, she has to wear a maid outfit =/ At least I found the dress well-behaved xD

      We also got to see Sayaka’s dad! I wonder if we’ll see him in the manga too, eventually.

      Yes! I wonder how much input they had from CLAMP in order to draw him.


  3. I loved seeing Misaki and Tamayo, too! Their cameo made me so happy in the manga, I’m glad they kept it even if it was altered.

    I liked the episode in general, tiny Fujimoto was just cute, even if… it doesn’t really make sense that they show you how he opened up ~*~ and made friends, but then as an adult he’s this grumpy asshole who barks at everyone.

    I also kept wondering where did his glasses go. Wtf, he did have them in the manga, right?

    I’m kinda dreading the next chapter |D;; /not happy about the outfit either


    • What an adorable episode xD
      I love it. It was very nice seeing Fujimoto’s past, although I agree with you totally! He opened up just becausa Sayaka yelled at those guys? And then for some reason he went back to being angry at the world?


  4. You know, Fujimoto should easily be able to hear Ioryogi when he lives next door. :3

    For an anime original story, this was quite possibly the best episode yet from this series. It’s already been said in this series, and it’s from the manga that Fujimoto was an orphan and was raised at Yomogi, so using that a background story was written, and i’m very pleased with it. Was a very warming story, especially with the conclusion where Fujimoto started to play the organ, followed up by his response to Sayaka’s “welcome home”. I had tears in my eyes during that scene, and i’m not surprised because it hit me pretty hard. Such a well done scene.

    Finally Fujimoto does the beer job, meaning we Tamayo and Misaki from Angelic Layer. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s a scene from the manga, and i’m glad it’s finally been animated. Shame there were no close up shots, though just seeing them was good enough. Also the addition of Kohaku was nice, along with her scene towards the end of the episode.

    Lastly, i just have to comment at how much child Fujimoto looks like Syaoran. :heh: A lot more then older Fujimoto looking like the older Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicle. You can’t even hide it now CLAMP.

    Next episode: Yumi and the bakery from Chobits. ๐Ÿ˜€


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