Kobato #4, XXXHOLiC #16 covers

Kadokawa and Kodansha have uploaded the covers of Kobato. #4 and XXXHOLiC #16:

Bigger versions are available in Amazon.jp: Kobato. #4, XXXHOLiC #16.

The cover illustration of Kobato. #4 was first published in the November issue of Newtype magazine.

XXXHOLiC #16 will be released on December 22, Kobato. #4 on December 26.


36 thoughts on “Kobato #4, XXXHOLiC #16 covers

  1. I really like them! Kobato looks adorable, while xxxHolic’s cover is gorgeous! Watanuki looks appropriately mature (he IS 21, even if he physically didn’t change) and melancholy, and looks amazing in drag as always (I’m sure he got pointers from Fai over the years).


  2. Woow xxxholic’s cover looks so beautiful! Watanuki is looking great!
    Kobato’s is adorable, but I wish they would draw new images for the covers =/


  3. Watanuki looks sad… 😦 But this makes it an effective vol cover. The Kobato cover is nice as always ^^ It reminds me of that pic of Yukito from CCS in the same pose with bread in a paper bag like that from one of the CCS artwork books ^^”


  4. I have to say that having no Yuuko would be quite appropriate here
    Assuming the chapters in this volume are at the point they should be.
    But really, this is now my favorite volume cover, no question… o.o
    (the recent chapter has been very amusing, I’d have to say–it’s so different and cute and interesting to see those little fishies~)

    For Kobato, eh… I want something new, but this is fine, too.
    I used that image somewhere, so I’ve seen it enough already. XD


  5. *gasp* I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!! NOOOOOW! I do Tarot and such so…

    Oooh, I wonder if I could get someone to get it for me.


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