Kobato. TV Anime #07

I was out of town yesterday therefore I couldn’t post this earlier (work is consuming me, haha! xD)

Online streaming here (RAW).

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I think this episode had the worst animation so far? Somebody fire that animator, please XD But even the worst episodes animated by Madhouse still look better in comparison to BeeTrain or Production IG. For me at least.

A very original episode too, but one of the good things about this adaptation is that we get to see more of the secondary characters. In the manga, I don’t know, I get the impression that CLAMP is just throwing a lot of characters, but I wonder if we’ll get to see more or enough of them eventually. Because the monthly chapters have so few pages, there isn’t much room left for the secondary characters.

For example, I loved to see more about Doumoto (although his hair looked WEIRD), and also Chiho and Chise (the hide-and-seek trick was fun xD).

I wonder if the same thing will happen in the manga and Kobato will eventually heal Doumoto. But I hope he will show up more, in an episode with a skillful animator where we can see his prettiness.

The anime series provides enough room to develop what couldn’t be developed in the manga, everything with Ohkawa’s approval, which is important.

Once again, although this particular story hasn’t happened in the manga (but maybe it will), it looked like it did. I don’t know why but Madhouse + Ohkawa just know how to do it.

Next episode we’re back to the manga storyline. I wanna see the Bazaar already! =D


6 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #07

  1. ** VAChE **

    Yeah it had the worst animation (Kobato looked soooo weird…and so did Chiho, Chise and Doumoto u__u it’s such a pitty because it’s the first time we get to see him)
    This is not my favourite episode but it wasn’t THAT bad…I think Doumoto was just put as another random person Kobato heals (well if I wasn’t following the manga I would have thought that) while in the manga he seems more important.
    What I didn’t like was how Fujimoto was represented here…I like his character in the manga, but I don’t know if I like him much in the anime…in the anime HE’S A BASTARD while in the manga he isn’t :/


  2. As I already posted on my journal, I’m not too happy about this episode.
    The best parts were actually the Chitose talking to Sayaka and Chise and Chiho playing hide and seek. The rest was… bad. 😦
    And Fujimoto is such a bastard in the anime.

    I want to see the bazaar already. :<
    And the hospital stuff and more Okiura and… ;__;


  3. One thing i wanted from this adaptation was more screentime for Chise and Chiho, and this episode delivered with that, making me extremely happy. Even though it was anime original material, it captured just how damn adorable then are, though saying that it’s not really a difficult task. Chiho’s sneaky way of playing hide and seek was so damn adorable.

    Apart from that, it was an alright episode. Super awesome Doumoto looked just as good as he does in the manga, and being voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi adds that extra cherry to the cake.

    Next episode, more screentime for Chiho and Chise!


  4. Well, I guess the animation quality was really not that good, but I had to laugh so hard in the beginning when Kobato arrives and says: “Ohaayooooaaah *scream*” Oh, I so love Hanazawa Kana’s voice acting


  5. i was a lil disappointed at this episode as well. reminds me of beetrain a lil bit. XD *scared* hope it does not go that way for the upcoming episodes. 😦 at least we get to see a little bit of chiho and chise bit. XD their parts are the cutest of this episode!

    i wonder if Doumoto’s arc is gonna get mentioned in the manga??? happy thanksgiving! hope you have a good one. 🙂


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