Tsubasa #28 Sales Report

Time to check the performance of the final volume of Tsubasa in the japanese rankings!

• Tohan Weekly Ranking:


1st – Detective Conan #66
2nd – Tsubasa #28
3rd – Mahou-sensei Negima!

• Oricon Weekly Ranking:


1st – Detective Conan #66
2nd – FAIRY TAIL #18
3rd – Tsubasa #28

According to Oricon, the regular edition of Tsubasa #28 sold 195.137 copies in its first week, very good! For comparison purposes, the regular edition of Tsubasa #27 sold almost 100.000 in its first week. This volume sold almost twice as much than volume 27 in the first week.

No sign of the deluxe edition in any of the rankings.


14 thoughts on “Tsubasa #28 Sales Report

  1. A few interesting points

    Hi! Sorry for lurking for so long, but first off, thank you so much for this lovely journal. Second, I just got back from Japan (I’m from the Philippines) and was surprised to discover that my friends there like Tsubasa as is, with things hanging in the air. I was whining at one friend about the ending, and she was surprised, telling me, “But is it not better if some things, you think about yourself?” I suppose that’s fanfiction fodder LOL.

    But seriously, that issue was raised some time ago when there was a discussion of the ending. Raised as I was reading Western books, I admit the ending was too abrupt for me. I’ve seen Inuyasha Bleach One Piece and Naruto go on and on and on (and on) so Tsubasa’s ending kind of threw me for a loop. But the Japanese mindset is rather different; having read and liked a lot of manga there, I realized that they have different expectations from us. I don’t claim to understand it, and in fact those differences make me enjoy the Japanese even more.

    But what I was amused by was that tantalizing “The journey continues…” which can be taken both as a “The end…” and “To be continued…” I wonder if CLAMP is waiting for Japanese fans and their feedback before proceeding? Because when CCS ended, my friend explained, everyone wanted more, and so many doujinshi (fan comics) came out. That was taken as a positive sign, hence Tsubasa.

    LOL though–if Tsubasa continues, based on what I saw in Japan, it’s gonna be KuroFai centric. For some reason my friends preferred Real Syaoran and Clone Syaoran post-evil phase “because they had suffered”. Hmmm.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post but I just wanted to share that ^_^



    • Re: A few interesting points

      For me, I think it was a good ending as it had things that i wanted to see (Syaron and Sakura’s scenes specially lol). If you want to know more about what happens next on Tsubasa, you should take a look to the last chapter of xxxHolic as it is mentioned something about how is the new journey of Syaoron and company. πŸ˜›




    pro shoujo spain has a post that says tha J-POP IS GOING TO PUBLISH X!!!!
    chibiyuuto you gotta post this!!


    • Re: IMPORTANT!!!

      That’s great for spanish fans! But I’m not sure yet if we should consider that as a certain thing that X will be returned. Maybe we should wait for a proper announcement, but I hope they are right!!!


  3. X news

    I am an Italian reader and I can say with certainty that this news is true, in fact I sent myself (and other people have done the same) an email to the editor, J-pop, which confirmed that they had the assurance from the Japanese publisher and the Clamp’s manager, that X will be concluded soon.
    This new edition of X will be published next autumn in 2010


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