Tsubasa, Kobato. news

• Tsubasa:

The tankoubon edition of Tsubasa #28 has 9 additional pages from the epilogue chapter that were not printed in the magazine.

cutesherry scanned those pages and uploaded them here. The translation from those pages by starlady38 can be found here. Make sure to check them out!

The final Tsubasa volume has 268 pages. I think that’s the largest tankoubon released by CLAMP to date? I don’t remember how many pages RG Veda #10 has.

I was happy with the additional pages because they reveal a bit more about Fei Wang Reed’s origins and somehow give a more satisfying idea of who he was.

• Kobato.:

Here’s the cover of the first Kobato. TV Anime DVD (taken from the series’ official website):

There will be a customer service available for those who buy DVDs 1 to 6 where applicants will be presented with a bottle made of glass just like Kobato’s.

The limited edition of DVD 2 will come with an original Talk CD featuring Kobato and Kohaku, while the limited edition of DVD 3 will come with an Ioryogi plush toy strap (check the picture at the official website).

Lastly, Kadokawa will release an official guide for the TV series entitled TV Anime “Kobato.” CHARACTERS COLLECTION. This will be released on January 29.

12 thoughts on “Tsubasa, Kobato. news

  1. Only the Deluxe edition will have additional pages? Or the normal edition too?

    Adsfadfg she looks so cute on the cover!! I’m not even bugged by the dress, such a pretty pic ♥

    Oh, damn it, I want the bottle… But only people from Japan can get it, right? OTL

    Thank you for the info as always!


  2. I want to know about the o!FWR in this case. Does make me a bit more happy though.

    I do find it funny as someone pointed out they used the redraw to let Fai and Kuro be walking closing together. No comment on the twins and siblings, nice picture and I hope Fuuma at least shows up in holic since I was utterly charmed by his TRC self even if I expect what veeeeeeeeeeery small we got told of that whole story to be it.


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