11 thoughts on “Tsubasa #28 scans

  1. Deluxe cover

    Ok, now I’m officially done with Shaolan… Come on Clamp, one more deluxe cover with him alone ?? Not even the 4 of them ? And you didn’t forget the famous staff, never seen elsewhere by the way…
    Yes, I’m disappointed…
    (Nice outfit, but that won’t work for me !)
    (Chibiyuuto, this is Benoit ^^)


    • Re: Deluxe cover

      Salut Benoit! (This is Marco)

      I agree with you… more Syaoran, bah! While the outfit is a very good cosplay project, it has too much white for me.


    • Re: Deluxe cover

      So that’s your nickname in LJ? xD

      And you didn’t forget the famous staff, never seen elsewhere by the way…

      Totally. It would have been so cool to see it doing _something_, they just added it because it made him look so cool xD


  2. It’s probably deliberate, but the final cover parallels the first cover, doesn’t it? The pose is the same, the place is the same, but everything is light instead of dark (Syaoran’s clothes are white instead of black/dark colours, it’s daybreak instead of nightfall), and his expression is slightly different (eyes look more hardened, less wide-eyed and innocent).


  3. am i the only one who’s still trying to figure out why syaoran is holding the staff, that never exists in the manga? XD

    i’m a little disappointed that it’s syaoran AGAIN, but the costume would make a great cosplay (if only the whole group is here…)! ^^ thankies chibiyuuto-san and cardcaptorkiki-san~!


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