– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

11/10 – Newtype #12 – Drop. 16-C – possible last chapter of tankoubon 4 (on sale).
12/10 – Newtype #01 – Drop. 17.
01/10 – Newtype #02 – Drop. 18.

To celebrate the release of the 28th and final Tsubasa volume, CLAMP will be publishing special contents in the members area of CLAMP-NET.COM and in the CLAMP@MOBiLE website. The special contents include “blog parts” and special CLAMP-NET.COM banners featuring the Tsubasa characters.

It will be a total of 3 versions:

1st version – Kurogane and Fye
2nd version – Mokona=Modoki
3rd version – Sakura and Syaoran

This time, the blog part is a clock that can be added to your personal blog/website:

The above is an image. The real clock is ran with JavaScript but LiveJournal does not support it (or maybe I did something wrong xD).

Here is the code that you must copy and paste in your blog/website in order to have it:

<script src=”; language=”javascript”></script><script language=”javascript”>inBlogparts(‘0911-01’);</script>

There is no larger version of the illustration available. In case a bigger version is eventually published, it will be posted here.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

11/16 – Young Magazine #51 – Chapter 192 (on sale).
11/21 – Young Magazine #52 – Chapter 193 – Last chapter of tankoubon 16.
11/30 – Young Magazine #53 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
12/07 – Young Magazine #01 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.


55 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. Everytime I watch for your Clamp News I expect so much to find some about X, Gohou Drug and/or Clover T_T
    Thanks anyway for keeping us informed! your work is great ^^


  2. Kurogane and Fye!!! *drool*
    I’m honestly a bit bored with Sakura and Syaoran’s illustration LOL (please don’t kill me oh Sakura and Syaoran’s fans)

    And no~~ 2 weeks break again for Holic… DD: I hope they don’t extend it to another month-long break… T__T


    • I wish I had shared it earlier, but I was really on a different state on business ^^” I came home very late but I told myself I would make this post before going to bed xD

      So LJ really doesn’t support it, huh, I thought so =/


    • YOU’RE WELCOME! Sorry about being away exactly on this date, but I really couldn’t help, I was traveling on business @_@

      A windows desktop gadget would be fine… I think it shouldn’t be hard to make a widget out of it…


      • Don’t worry, I was just putting enfasis on the ‘dramatic hitsuzen moment’ you know, that coul dnot be a coincidence XDDDD

        That pic won’t be in the artbook right? A real shame T_T This second artbook won’t have enough KuroFay pics well, never there are enough, but you get what I mean


  3. Thank you a lot dear for sharing! *___*
    I’ve just got up and run to my laptop to check for updates and here they are! You’re amazing!
    I’m totally in love with this image… Such a romantic scenery… *___*


  4. So pretty (TAT)♥ I hope eventually we’ll get a big version… I can’t believe they’d make such a pretty picture only to show it this small!
    Thank you very much for sharing it with us ♥

    Is Fay wearing his eyepatch? I think he is… But I can’t see it well ;;;


    • I don’t think he does. Usually you can see the black band around the back of his head. πŸ™‚ Also, his eye is blue and it doesn’t look like Kurogane has his left arm, which means this image is probably meant to be set in the future, not the first time they were in Nihon! *hopes soooo*


      • But there’s this black thing under his bangs… It could be shdow, but it makes a straight line ;;; But then there’s no eyepatch around his head as you say, that’s why I’m pondering.


        • *nods* I see it… I’m thinking (hoping) it’s just a shadow too though, because the there was barely any time spent in Nihon where Kurogane was without his arm (and no bandages around his chest) and Fay’s eye was blue at the same the same time.
          Maybe I’m over thinking it. I just feel cheated out of the ‘Happily ever after’ ending in Nihon and hope this is CLAMP’s way of making it up to us!


          • He must have his robotic arm in this pic to be post-series, we were told in Holic that Kurogane’s getting a new one in Piffle.
            I’m going to think it’s post series too until big proof it’s not is given (aka when we get a bigger version or something). We fans deserve such an end for them ♥


  5. I really hope that a larger image is posted soon! It’s such a beautiful illustration. It needs to be seen bigger! >___<
    It's nice to see Kurogane in earthy, calmer colours too. Usually his colour-scheme consists mostly of black and red. Perhaps it's CLAMP hinting at the fact that he's a more relaxed, less angry and bitter person now.
    I love that they both have gentle smiles too. ^___^


  6. That Kuro and Fai pic…oh god it is so lovely! I love how they have hints of a smile on thier face, *flail* Kuro-grumps beginning to lighten up! (The guy must have wrinkles the amount of times he’s been frowning XD *shot*)

    But BAAAAAW at Holic break. /whine


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