Kobato. Anime article from Newtype #12 + manga

Here is the Kobato. anime article that is featured in this month’s issue of Newtype magazine:

Click on the “Original image” link to check the scan on its original size =)

Special thanks to Aurelia for uploading it and letting me know!

Also, scans of this month’s Kobato. manga chapter are available here thanks to cutesherry.


14 thoughts on “Kobato. Anime article from Newtype #12 + manga

  1. Thank you very much, as always, chibiyuuto πŸ˜€
    Loved the image with all the monsters *.*

    By the way, aren’t you doing any more scanlations of Kobato chapters in Clamp no Lumiere??


  2. WOOO! Thank You so Much for Sharing the new Kobato Chapter!!!!… I just read it and… Words cannot describe how much I Love Kohaku right now ;____; [I can’t believe how faithfull and constant he/she is]

    And ThankYou for Sharing that pretty image!! [GINSEEEI!!!


      • I would rather not deny CLAMP’s genius, but… five reincarnations…
        Assuming Shuuichirou-san lives the same age each time, how far from WISH are we talking?

        To me, Kobato would be living in the Piffle-country-age by the time they had to wait that long. XD


  3. I was complaining at the ending of Wish thinking, “so each time he dies, he’ll reincarnate? and Kohaku will have to this ‘new’ person again and again!?”. The ‘happy’ ending left this open ended question and finally its been answered.
    I’m happy that clamp didn’t make it into a sap ending after all but at the same time I feel bad for Kohaku.


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