CLAMP in Paris: more media appearances

I honestly don’t know when I’ll stop talking about CLAMP in Paris xD Probably when the news stop coming ^^;

First let’s start with a new article published in featuring a very nice new picture of the CLAMP members. The interview was conceived just before going to the opening party of the CLAMP exposition in Paris.

The article reveals that more than 110 million copies of CLAMP mangas have been sold worldwide so far. Also, Ohkawa tells ParisMatch that CLAMP works 12 hours per day and 25 days per month.

Thanks for the tip!

Next, this video provided by HachetteVideos in shows some footage of CLAMP in Japan Expo from July 4.

The video is available in HD quality and I have ripped and uploaded the HD version (72 MB) in MegaUpload for anyone interested in keeping the video.

Lastly, gettyimages has 3 videos from the interview that CLAMP gave to the AFP press agency on July 3. This is the raw version of the interview, all in japanese, no french translation. There are other 2 videos (a raw version and an english version) about shoujo manga with some new CLAMP footage as well.

To download the videos, click on the Download 4:3 preview clip link at the sidebar. Since they are preview clips, all videos are watermarked.

Interview (raw) / Shoujo manga + CLAMP (raw) / Shoujo manga + CLAMP (english)

I love when Ohkawa says “It wasn’t as if we decided that we didn’t want men, but it just ended up that we were all women” xD